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Tax Tuesday Episode 142: Section 179

Did you miss the April 15 tax deadline? Are you safe from significant penalties? What’s the best way to legally, morally, and ethically not pay taxes? It depends. Jeff Webb, Tax Director, and Eliot Thomas, Senior Tax Advisor, of Anderson Advisors answer your tax questions. Submit your tax question to taxtuesday@andersonadvisors.


  • If you experience a one-time large capital gain from exercising stock options, is it absolutely imperative that you figure out quarterly payments to avoid penalty, and if so, what if you missed April? There’s a safe harbor for calculating tax estimates and it requires paying in 90% of the current year tax or 110% of the prior year tax; and estimated tax penalties are typical not significant, but handle missed payment soon
  • What is the best way to take advantage of Section 179 for new vehicles over 6,000 pounds? Typically, most people do not use Section 179 because of bonus depreciation, restrictions, and limitations
  • How are crypto currencies taxed, and what’s the best way to legally, morally, and ethically not pay taxes? Depends on how you are getting the crypto currency; if you are buying and selling, it is treated as a security and other rules apply; if you are mining crypto currency, find out the value of that crypto bitcoin the day it is created
  • What will happen if you open an LLC with Corp status but you missed the deadline? What should you do? If you missed the tax deadline and have a loss on your Corp, it typically doesn’t affect you; if you have a lot of startup costs, you need to file your initial tax return on time
  • Does tax on depreciation recapture, like capital gains, go away when property is inherited? When you inherit property, everything resets and goes away, like capital gains
  • Do I have to report a home I lived in and sold even though I purchased a new home? Previous Section 121 states as long as you buy a more expensive home than the one you sold, you can defer any gain until the age of 55; Section 121 now states if you lived in the home for two of last five years, you can defer a large part or all the gain

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Full Episode Transcript:

Jeff: Hi, welcome to Tax Tuesday. I am not Toby Mathis; he’s not here today. Instead, we have Eliot Thomas with us. He is our Senior Tax Advisor right now. I’m Jeff Webb, I am a CPA here at Anderson. This is Tax Tuesday, bringing in tax knowledge to the masses.

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