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Platinum Membership Details

Anderson System

The Anderson System is a professionally-designed program for our Platinum members to integrate all planning aspects of your financial future: asset protection alongside estate and tax planning.

The system includes scheduled phone strategy sessions throughout the year with our team of professionals to make sure all aspects of your blueprint and future planning are implemented. For more details about the Anderson System, click here.

2020 offer for Platinum Members*

Receive two complimentary tickets each quarter to attend our educational workshops in Las Vegas, which include: Tax & Asset Protection, Infinity Investing, Structure Implementation, Tax-Wise, Start & Run a Nonprofit. For more information about Anderson’s workshops, click here.

Unlimited Attorney Strategy Sessions

The unlimited attorney strategy sessions are scheduled through your Platinum portal online area. When you request a strategy sessions we will select the most appropriate attorney based on the nature of your questions. The subject of the session is limited to Anderson’s areas of expertise: asset protection, estate planning, retirement planning and tax planning.

No more hourly charges when you need to speak with an attorney.

As a Platinum member, you will never worry about contacting an attorney again for fear of being overcharged. Whether your questions require an hour of attorney time to address your situation or merely 10 minutes, you will not be charged an hourly rate.

All attorney strategy sessions provided with your Platinum service are conducted by phone appointments only.

Unlimited Questions for our Tax Team**

Send your tax questions through your secure online membership portal. You can expect a written response within one to two business days from a member of our tax team, which includes CPAs, EAs and tax attorneys.

Extensive Legal Forms Library

Platinum members have access to over 200 legal forms to assist in running their businesses. From real estate contracts to business plans, our forms library is full of legal documents successfully used by many of our clients for years to protect their interests.

Database of Videos on Tax and Asset Protection Topics

You know the saying, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” As a Platinum member, this is no longer the case! We have put together one of the most extensive video libraries: for small business owners and investors on asset protection and tax and business planning topics. These videos are in plain English, making them easy to understand, digest, and enact. Whether you are looking to set up a land trust or simply find out how to hold a corporate meeting, our training videos walk you through the necessary steps to ensure you it’s done correctly.

Exclusive Product and Workshop Discounts

Once you become a Platinum member, you will receive discounts on all Anderson workshops and products. For many, this alone covers the minimal cost of membership.

What are you waiting for? To begin taking advantage of the best legal membership support program available, register today! Instantly, you’ll have a team of attorneys and tax and retirement professionals at your fingertips, all of whom have a wealth of information to help answer your questions. Remember: the key is keeping more of what you earn, and Anderson is here to help you on your journey.

Why Trust Anderson For Your Business Structuring Needs?

Comprehensive Assessment Tailored To You

The wrong setup for your business now could mean more taxes and liability later. That’s where Anderson is different. We take a comprehensive look at your situation, not only from a legal asset protection perspective, but also from a tax savings and financial planning perspective.

Experience You Can Trust

Unlike other law firms, our consultants consist of attorneys and planners who travel nationwide to speak at conferences and seminars on asset protection, taxes and business planning. Since 1993, we have taught tens of thousands of people how to make better business decisions and properly prepare to meet their financial goals.

Take a look at these actual client stories to see how much of a difference an Anderson plan can make.

“Hey Clint, I can’t thank you guys enough. You’re whole firm is just amazing and I really learned so much this weekend. Just spectacular! I really think, without you guys, I would be progressing a lot slower and be a lot more at risk. Thanks a lot.”

-Anthony S.

“I was very surprised that a group of lawyers and accountants could keep the audience engrossed and entertained the entire time. The amount of information delivered in just three days was much more than expected. The fact that all the speakers were approachable and were more than willing to give up their time for us all, even after the days time was over”

-Mike S.

“Your team knows what they are talking about. Their ability to execute in real time, what they are trying to teach in the class room, is flawless. Also, Anderson’s ability to communicate with its customers about their company’s various programs is truly unbelievable. They want you to know ‘why’ they are doing what they are doing – not the usual ‘do it because we say so’. I guess its because they really are about education. Amazing”

-John H

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