As of March 8, 2024

This Agreement applies to Clients of Anderson Law Group, PLLC dba: Anderson Business Advisors (“Company”), Anderson Tax LLC, and Anderson RA, LLC for services purchased and the subscription website (the “Anderson Subscription Site”) and Platinum Membership,
The Terms and Conditions are made part of the Agreement between Client (referred to throught this document as “You” or “Client”) and Anderson Business Advisors, LLC (“Company”) as though set forth fully herein.

DISCLOSURE & ACKNOWLEDGMENT – The Client understands that Company will commence work immediately on Client’s behalf once payment is received in part or full.

1.1 By using the Anderson Subscription Website, Anderson Services, and/or calling Anderson offices, You hereby acknowledge that You have read and understand the Service Terms/Subscriber Agreement and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.

2.1 All prospects and Clients who phone into the Anderson offices agree and understand that the conversation is being recorded for training and quality assurance purposes only.

3.1 Client may cancel this Agreement at any time prior to midnight of the thirtieth (30) day after the date of this Agreement, after which time any right to refund shall cease.

3.2 For Entity Formation Services – If Client desires to choose the name for any entity(ies) to be filed with any state included in this Agreement, Client agrees to provide the desired name(s) within 21 days of this agreement. Client acknowledges that names requested cannot be guaranteed as such names are maintained by the various states. Company agrees to use its best efforts to obtain the name(s) requested by Client unless Client chooses not to provide the name(s) within 21 days, in which case Company will choose the name of the filed entity(ies) and Client agrees to accept. In the event Client does not like the name(s) chosen, Client, at Client’s sole expense, may cause a change of name to be filed in the jurisdiction(s) where the entity(ies) was filed and Company will complete any amended bylaws, operating agreement(s) or partnership agreement(s) for Client at no expense to Client.

3.3 Client Duties – Client agrees to be truthful with Company, to cooperate with Company and to keep Company informed of any information or developments that would have an effect on this agreement. Client agrees to abide by this Agreement and to notify Company in the event Client’s contact information contained in this Agreement changes.

3.4 Company Duties – Company agrees to provide the Products listed in the Agreement or to facilitate and/or coordinate the fulfillment of the Agreement. Said facilitation and/or coordination may involve the shipping of products from a supplier’s warehouse and the utilization of third parties to accomplish the objectives of the Agreement. Such third parties may include but are not limited to, office suite providers, resident agent providers, and working with banking and financial institutions to open accounts. Specifically excluded from this Agreement are any litigation services, arbitrations, mediations, or hearings of any type. Products and/or Services in any matter or form other than those specifically set forth in this Agreement will require a separate Agreement.

3.5 By the way of disclosure of relationships and potential conflicts, Company does hereby advise Client that Company maintains several professional alliances with both separate and related entities. Company believes that such professional alliances are in the best interests of its Clients and that no impermissible conflicts exist. In no event is Client required to use any of the Company’s alliance partners.

3.6 Legal Services – Company is not in the business of providing legal services. All members of Anderson Business Advisors, LLC are licensed attorneys. In the event any portion of the Products contained in this Agreement are interpreted as or considered to be Legal Services, Company retains the right to facilitate the use of attorneys to complete said work and Client agrees to work with the said attorneys. Any attorney utilized will be required to exercise their own judgment and will be required to work directly with Client. Company will facilitate this relationship and work directly with the attorneys to carry out the purpose of this Agreement.

3.7 – Disclaimer – Nothing in this Agreement and nothing in the Company’s or its Representatives’ statements should be construed as a promise or guarantee about the outcome of any matter. Company and its Representatives can make no such promises or guarantees.

4.1 In addition to the Terms & Conditions set forth above, the following Educational Support Service Terms and Conditions will be made part of this Agreement if the Client purchases Company’s Reoccurring Educational Support Service as part of this Agreement.

It is understood that the Educational Support Services contemplated under this Agreement are educational in nature and limited to education on asset protection and general business planning. The Educational Support Service is offered with the understanding that neither the Company nor their representatives are engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional advice as part of the Educational Support Service.

This Agreement contains the entire Agreement between Client and the Company. There are no other Agreements, expressed or implied, between Client and the Company. In the event any portion of this agreement shall be declared invalid by the court of law, the remaining sections shall remain in effect. Amendments to this Agreement must be in writing.

If a dispute arises under this Agreement, Client and Company agree to confer in good faith to resolve the dispute and to engage the services of JAMS or similar mediation service prior to resorting to arbitration, litigation or any other dispute process. Such mediation shall occur within 90 days of either Client or Company asserting this provision.

The Reoccurring Educational Support Service Terms & Conditions are effective immediately and shall be automatically renewed in the Client-designated increments (either monthly, quarterly, or annually) unless Client provides written notice to Company of Client’s desire to terminate this Agreement at least 15 days prior to the end of the current term. Said cancellation shall be effective on the first day of the following term.

The Educational Support Services contemplated under this Agreement are not assignable by Client.

Standalone deed preparation for all states is $515 per property, except in HI, MA, OH, and PA, where deed preparation is $565 per property. We prepare deeds but do not file deeds in PA. We do not prepare or file deeds in NY, NJ, MD or IL. Deed filing fees are included, up to $400. If the county’s filing fee exceeds $400, the client is responsible for any amount above $400. Such filing fees vary by county or municipality and will be charged to the credit card on file at the time of recording.

The Unlimited Land Trust plus Ten (10) Deeds Package includes five (5) Property Transfer deeds and five (5) Trustee Resignation deeds for a total of ten (10) deeds. Must be used in conjunction with unlimited land trust services. All other deed services are restricted to transfers between the Client and their entities and cannot be used to effectuate sales or gifts to third parties.

When requesting a deed associated with a QRP or IRA-owned LLC/property under the Unlimited Land Trust plus Deeds package, an additional $50.00 fee is required per deed. The fee must be paid directly from your retirement account. When requesting an a la carte deed associated with a QRP or IRA-owned LLC/property all costs and recording fees must be paid directly from your retirement account.

*Titanium VIP Services Conditions:
As a Client of the Titanium VIP Service You are entitled to the following services as long as You remain a Platinum member in good standing. Company agrees to draft, organize and file Limited Liability Companies(LLCs) in the United States based on the conditions listed below in this agreement. The service is limited to filing of state LLC formation documents; obtaining an EIN number for each LLC, drafting of an LLC operating agreement for each LLC, providing general preparation for purposes of completing each LLC. Costs to pay at time of filing a LLC will include the state filing fees and registered agent fees (if the maximum number of registered agent services have been used from Your current package). The Client or Spouse must have 50% or greater ownership of the LLC to be included in this service. If the Client has a child who would like to utilize the Client’s Titanium service, they may do so for an additional, one-time $1,500 fee. When the child pays the $1,500 fee a separate Titanium service is listed under their own account with Anderson. Additionally, a second Platinum membership must be in good standing on the child’s account. Client understands and agrees that the Client will be the responsible party as defined by the Internal Revenue Service for all employer identification numbers obtained for any entity created pursuant to the Titanium VIP Service. All LLCs created as part of the Titanium VIP Service must maintain the ”Company” as a Registered agent for the life of the Client’s entity. When requesting a QRP or IRA-owned LLC as part of the Titanium package, an additional $200.00 fee is required. The fee must be paid directly from Your retirement account.

*Land Trust VIP Service Conditions:
LAND TRUST VIP SERVICES – Company will draft unlimited Land Trusts for Land Trust VIP Service Clients as long as they remain active Platinum members. The Client must maintain 50% or greater beneficial interest in any Land Trust formed. The Land Trust VIP Service does not include deed preparation or deed filing fees.

When requesting a Land Trust associated with a QRP or IRA-owned LLC/property formed as part of a Land Trust VIP package, an additional $50.00 fee is required. The fee must be paid directly from your retirement account. When requesting an a la carte Land Trust associated with a QRP or IRA-owned LLC/property all costs must be paid directly from your retirement account.

*Unlimited Wyoming Statutory Trust Service Conditions:
UNLIMITED WYOMING STATUTORY TRUST SERVICES – Company will draft unlimited Wyoming Statutory Trusts for Unlimited Wyoming Statutory Trust Service Clients as long as they remain active Platinum members. The Client must maintain 50% or greater beneficial interest in any Wyoming Statutory Trust formed. This service includes preparation and filing of the Wyoming Certificate of Trust with the Wyoming Secretary of State, registration of the Trust with the IRS, application for the EIN number, drafting of the Trust Agreement and any relevant assignments of beneficial interest forms, and state-level filing if required. This service also includes two LLC’s and our Company Assistance Program. Costs to pay at time of filing a Wyoming Statutory Trust will include the state filing fees and registered agent fees. The Unlimited Wyoming Statutory Trust Service does not include the Platinum enrollment fee, deed preparation or deed filing fees.

To remain in good standing as a Platinum member Your recurring package fee must be paid on time. Platinum Clients will automatically be billed according to their selected package’s terms. More information regarding the Platinum membership is available in Section 11 of these Terms and Conditions.

Unless otherwise indicated, all State entity filing fees and Deed recording fees will be charged to the credit card on file at the time of filing.

Non-Platinum Member’s professional hourly rate is billed at $350/hour.

6.1 The terms of Anderson Business Advisors’ Tax Packages are listed below and effective on the date of the agreement.

(a) Anderson provides tax services for customers whereby the Client pays an up-front fee that can be used for tax prep, tax consulting, tax planning, and/or audit protection.

(b) Upon selecting a tax package, the Client receives, amongst other things, a credit that may be used for Anderson’s various tax services such as, tax preparation, tax consulting, quarterly or annual planning. Anderson’s standard Platinum membership rates will be charged for the services and the credit deducted as used by the Client. The credit must be used within 2 years of date of purchase or the credit will be lost.

(c) An account review will automatically be conducted by Anderson’s tax professionals for Client’s account(s) on a quarterly basis.

(d) Billable time rates for Tax package Clients may change at any time and will be posted to the terms and conditions page on the website.

  • Bookkeeping $145/hour
  • Bookkeeping Catch-Up: $175/hour
  • Tax Preparation $275/hour
  • Tax Review $475/hour
  • Tax Consultation & Tax Advising $400/hour

Billable time includes work for services performed, communication with the Client and on the Client’s behalf with governing agency and or Client’s representative.

6.2 Anderson Tax Advantage Program:

  • The Tax Advantage Package starts with a personalized Financial Plan prepared by an Anderson Financial Analyst, which includes a digital Financial Plan with detailed suggestions for reaching Your financial goals
  • Initial phone consultation with our Tax Team to review Your circumstances and provide future tax strategies for lowering Your tax bill
  • A detailed review of Your previous tax returns in writing to ensure You didn’t miss any deductions or ways to lower Your tax bill
  • A supplement to Your Wealth Planning Blueprint diagram that provides a look at Your blueprint from a tax perspective (Digital Tax Blueprint)
  • A credit toward Your tax return preparation and any tax planning sessions with a Tax Advisor
  • Audit protection on all tax returns Anderson Advisors files
  • Quarterly Tax Planning Livestream Sessions and Q&A with Toby Mathis, Esq.
  • Access to Tax-Wise live stream and recordings from the past year

6.3 Audit Protection Terms
Audit Protection provided by Anderson will cover the following services with regard to an IRS audit for tax returns prepared using the credit from the Tax Package or when audit protection is purchased per return:

  • Response to IRS letters.
  • Assign taxpayer team who will handle audit on taxpayer’s behalf.
  • Research applicable IRS rules and regulations.
  • Review returns, organize data, and make recommendations.
  • Meet with IRS on taxpayer’s behalf.
  • Advocate taxpayer’s position to achieve optimal result.
  • Negotiate on taxpayer’s behalf through appeals and prior to trial.

6.4 Limitations and Exclusions
Certain audits are excluded for the reasons listed below:

  • Fraud: We will not defend fraudulent returns.
  • Tax Protestors: We do not defend frivolous tax claims.
  • Pre-Existing Conditions: We can only defend claims that arise from returns prepared as part of the tax package. If You have an existing audit, we can cover it only by separate agreement and for an additional fee. Criminal Investigations are specifically excluded from defense.
  • Delay: Members must notify us promptly if the IRS contacts the Client. Do not contact the IRS directly. If a Client willfully delays notifying Anderson’s team of the audit and said delay prejudices the defense of the claim, The Anderson Team will not defend the claim.
  • Cooperation: Clients agree to cooperate with our staff and to be responsive to our requests.
  • Federal Income Taxes: We only deal with the IRS.
  • Returns: We can file or amend any returns for an additional fee.
  • Legal Services: We are not engaging in legal services. Audit protection benefits extend up to trial. We do not provide legal assistance or represent members in court, although we can make arrangements for someone to represent You should it be required. Additional fees will be required to be paid to such professionals.
  • Return Preparation Not Covered: Audits for returns not prepared by Anderson are not covered by audit protection or any returns that Anderson prepares but due to the Client were not prepared within 3 years of the original due date.
7.1 For and in consideration of my engagement as an attendee of the Live In Person or Online Event or Conference by Company, on terms or fee hereinafter stated, I hereby give the company, it’s legal representatives and assigns, the right and permission to copyright and/or use, reuse and republish comments and questions asked in any online chat or Q&A feature online, photographs or videotape recordings of me, for any purpose whatsoever, including the use of any printed matter in conjunction herewith. I hereby release, discharge and agree to save harmless the company, it’s representatives, assigns, employees or any person or persons, corporation or corporations, acting under its permission or authority, from and against any liability as a result of any distortion, blurring, or alteration, optical illusion, or use in any composite form, either intentionally or otherwise, that may occur or be produced in the taking, processing or reproduction of the finished product, its publication, distribution, or broadcast of the same.
8.0 Mail Forwarding Terms and Conditions
8.1 Mail Forwarding applies to one entity, billed annually. Mail Forwarding may be purchased for additional entities at an additional cost. Mail Forwarding is included with Company Assistance Program and Client receives Mail Forwarding services for all entities listed under the account that has contracted Company Assistance Program, which is included in the Foundation Package Tier and above. Only one mail forwarding address is accepted per Company Assistance Program and Mail Forwarding contract and all mail is forwarded to a single address. That address may not be the local Registered Agent address. Local Registered Agents are never to be used for Mail Forwarding purposes. Client agrees to have only one address on file for mail forwarding services and are limited to one address change quarterly.

8.2 Unless otherwise specified in any services agreement between Client and ABA, or pursuant to applicable federal/state statutes, rules or regulations, Mailbox service in connection with Mail Forwarding is limited to the receipt and forwarding of official federal, state and local correspondence as well as service of process, and Client hereby acknowledges and agrees that ABA does not, and shall not, provide mailing addresses and/or mail forwarding services, unless Client specifically orders such service in a jurisdiction where ABA offers the same.

8.3 Client agrees that ABA and its employees have permission to open, scan, and any other act required to access physical mail in order to facilitate the Mail Forwarding service. Mail containing checks, credit cards, or anything else needed physically will be forwarded on to Client. Mail Forwarding services are only applicable to mail received addressed to an entity. Any mail addressed to individuals will not be opened and be returned to sender. ABA reserves the right to open and inspect any packages or mail which may arrive damaged or that may be otherwise of questionable integrity or legality.

8.4 Use of the Mailbox constitutes Clients acceptance of the T&C and all provisions described herein. Client agrees that Client will not use ABA premises or any ABA services for any unlawful, illegitimate or fraudulent purpose or for any purpose prohibited by U.S. Postal regulations. Client further agrees that any use of the Mailbox shall be in conformity with all applicable federal, state and local laws

8.5 It is Client’s responsibility to maintain the username and password to the account that contains the Mailbox. Possession of the Mailbox username and password shall be considered valid evidence that the possessor is duly authorized to access any contents from the Mailbox. ABA is not responsible for any unauthorized access to Your account that was accessed through the use of Your username and password. Any person You provide Your username and password is at Your own risk. In the event of death or incapacity of the Client, ABA will require the appropriate documentation from them before releasing mail to a requesting party.

8.6 Mail Forwarding services to Mailbox are limited to regular and certified mail. Mail Forwarding service does not include courier packages (FedEx,UPS,DHL,Amazon, etc), boxes, bulk mail, international mail, or magazines. Courier packages can be forwarded at an additional cost per package, on an ad hoc basis. Client understands that Company’s policy includes a 24 ounce limit per month. Any mail sent within a 30 day period that exceeds the 24 ounce limit can be forwarded at an additional cost. Client understands that Company’s mail retention policy is to hold mail for 30 business days, after that time period all mail will be securely disposed of. There will be no pro-rations or refunds for cancellation of any service. Mailbox service fees in connection with Mail Forwarding and other related fees stated herein are subject to change.

8.7 It is the Client’s duty to keep ABA informed of a current valid mailing address, email address, and telephone number. If we cannot reach You, we reserve the right to cancel service. In the event we are unable to contact You for more than 60 days, it is our policy to cancel all service contracts.

8.8 Upon expiration, cancellation or termination of services, it is ABA’s policy to return mail to sender. If mail cannot be returned to sender, it will be held for 30 days and then securely disposed of.

8.9 The initial term of the Mailbox service shall be one (1) year. Mail Forwarding and Company Assistance Program automatically renews and will be billed for a one (1) year term unless prior arrangements are made between ABA and Client.

8.10 Client agrees that ABA may terminate or cancel this service with or without cause at any time. Good cause shall include, but is not limited to: 1) Client abandons the Mailbox; 2) Client uses the Mailbox for unlawful, illegitimate or fraudulent purposes; 3) Client fails to pay monies owed when due; 4) Client receives an unreasonable volume of mail or packages; 5) Client engages in offensive, abusive or disruptive behavior toward other Clients of ABA or ABA’s employees; and 6) Client violates any provision of this T&C. Client acknowledges that, for the purpose of determining good cause for termination of this T&C as provided herein, the actions of any person authorized by Client to use the Mailbox will be attributed to Client.

8.11 Client agrees to protect, indemnify, defend and hold harmless ABA, and their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, parent corporations, franchisees, officers, directors, agents and employees from and against any and all losses, damages, expenses, claims, demands, liabilities, judgments, settlement amounts, costs and causes of action of every type and character arising out of or in connection with the use or possession of the Mailbox, including without limitation, any demands, claims and causes of action for personal injury or property damage arising from such use or possession, from failure of the U.S. Postal Service or any commercial courier service to deliver on time or otherwise deliver any items (mail, packages, etc.), from damage to or loss of any package or mail, or to the Mailbox contents by any cause whatsoever, and from any violation by Client of applicable federal, state or local laws.

8.12 Under no circumstances will ABA, its owners, employees, advisors, agents, and representatives be liable or responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused or alleged to be caused by the use of Mailbox and in connection with mail forwarding services including but not limited to lost mail.

8.13 If any provision or provisions of this T&C shall be held unenforceable for any reason, then such provision shall be modified to reflect the parties’ intention or severed from the T&C if required by law. All remaining provisions of this T&C shall remain in full force and effect for the duration of this T&C. These T&C may be amended at any time at ABA’s discretion.

8.14 Client’s Mailbox shall not be assigned without the express consent of ABA. In the event Client lists ABA’s address as the business address for You or one of the entities on Client’s account, ABA reserves the right to terminate service for the Account or resign as the registered agent for any entity on the Client’s account, and Client shall not be entitled to any refund. Additionally, the Client agrees that the cost of any such resignation shall be the Client’s responsibility. Client agrees to hold harmless and indemnify ABA for any costs or damages related to Client’s unauthorized use of a ABA address as an entity’s business address. Client assumes all risk when making unauthorized use of ABA’s business addresses. Additionally, ABA disclaims any perceived, implied or actual duty to forward items received on Your behalf pursuant to Your unauthorized use of ABA’s business address, and specifically disclaims any responsibility or liability for failure to forward such items. Client knowingly and freely assumes all risk when making unauthorized use of the ABA’s business address.

8.15 A failure or delay in exercising any right, power or privilege in respect of these T&C will not be presumed to operate as a waiver, and a single or partial exercise of any right, power or privilege will not be presumed to preclude any subsequent or further exercise, of that right, power or privilege or the exercise of any other right, power or privilege.

8.16 This T&C is to be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Nevada. Any action instituted by either party arising out of this T&C will only be brought, tried and resolved in the applicable federal or state courts having jurisdiction in the State of Nevada.

8.17 ABA adheres to all regulations set forth in the Model Registered Agent Act, as well as the Nevada Revised Statutes. In the event Company suspects any Client is engaging in fraudulent activities of any kind, Company will terminate services immediately. The company maintains strict policies of fairness and professional conduct.

9.0 Registered Agent Mail
9.1 In the event Client lists ABA’s address as the business address for any entity without express permission from ABA, ABA reserves the right to terminate service for the Account or resign as the registered agent, and Client shall not be entitled to any refund. Additionally, the Client agrees that the cost of any such resignation shall be the Client’s responsibility. Client agrees to hold harmless and indemnify ABA for any costs or damages related to Client’s unauthorized use of an ABA address as an entity’s business address. Client assumes all risks when making unauthorized use of ABA’s business addresses. Additionally, ABA disclaims any perceived, implied or actual duty to forward items received on behalf of the entity or Client pursuant to use of ABA’s business address, whether authorized or unauthorized and specifically disclaims any responsibility or liability for failure to forward such items. Client knowingly and freely assumes all risk when making use of the ABA’s business address.

10.0 Tiered Packages
10.1 Anderson Business Advisors offers tiered packages as a means to provide significant value to our clients by bundling services together. Each package includes a set list of services as well as a predetermined number of keys. Keys represent units of credit exclusively redeemable for Anderson services. Keys hold no intrinsic monetary value and are issued as part of our tiered packages. The quantity of Keys provided is determined by the selected package. Unused Keys expire after two years from the date of purchase and do not carry forward beyond this period. Services included within each package cannot be repurposed or exchanged for other services. For packages that include a Trustee LLC, this Trustee LLC cannot be repurposed or exchanged for anything other than the formation of a Trustee LLC.

10.2 Tiered Package Upgrades: If Client wishes to upgrade to a higher-tier package at any time, 100% of the current package’s price will be credited towards the initial cost of the new package. At the time of upgrade, the recurring fee will be recalculated to reflect the cost of the new package and will be charged at the next billing period. This upgrade policy applies irrespective of the original purchase date or the number of keys utilized in the current package.

10.3 Tiered Package Downgrades: If Client desires to downgrade to a lower-tier package within 30 days of the date of purchase, and has not utilized any of the allocated keys, Client may be entitled to a refund equal to the price difference between the packages regarding the initial fee. The recurring fee will be adjusted at the next billing period to reflect the services included in the new package. Any additional services required will be billed separately. If a downgrade is requested after any keys from the current package have been used, no refund will be granted. Downgrades requested after 30 days of purchase will not be eligible for a refund.

10.4 Tiered Package Cancellations: Should Client choose to cancel a package or terminate services with Anderson within 30 days of the date of purchase, and none of the allocated keys have been used, Client may receive a refund for the initial fee. However, recurring payments made prior to cancellation are non-refundable, even if package services remain unused. If any of the keys have been utilized, no refund will be issued. Keys are valid for a period of two years, after which they expire and no refund will be issued. Call or fill out our online form, and we’ll review Your account to determine if a refund is warranted.

Call us at 725-605-8912, or complete and submit this simple form:

10.5 We will not refund third-party processing fees (e.g. paid directly to our service partners or to facilitate fulfilling Your order, such as for courier fees or publication fees) once they are processed. We will not refund filing or county fees for deed purchases once we submit the paperwork to the government.
If services have been fulfilled and completed, including the first 30 days of purchase, we may not issue a refund.
If we fulfill a service, and You change Your mind, we cannot issue a refund. If You are a Titanium Client and Anderson files more than one LLC on Your behalf, we cannot issue a refund.

10.6 Tiered Package Renewals (After Cancellation): To reinstate a previously canceled package, a reinstatement fee of 15% of the package tier price will be charged. The recurring fee will continue as per the standard billing cycle.

10.7 When requesting a Land Trust associated with a QRP or IRA-owned LLC/property formed as part of a Tiered package through a formation Key, an additional $50.00 fee is required. The fee must be paid directly from your retirement account. When requesting an a la carte Land Trust associated with a QRP or IRA-owned LLC/property, all costs must be paid directly from your retirement account.

11.0 Platinum Membership and the Membership Site
11.1 REGISTRATION: Welcome to Platinum Membership! To ensure that You enjoy the highest standards of quality and service during Your visits to the Anderson Platinum Membership Subscription Site, we encourage You to read through the following information before You log-in. These legal notices spell out the terms and conditions to which You are expected to adhere and that Anderson is as well.

11.2 The Platinum Membership requires a monthly subscription fee. If at any time this fee is not paid, You will not have access to the benefits of the Platinum Membership which could also affect some of the services included in a Tiered Package. In the event you decide to cancel your Platinum Membership, and later wish to reinstate your Platinum Membership, a $500 reinstatement fee will be applied.

11.3 This “Subscriber Agreement” constitutes Your agreement with Anderson with respect to Your use of the Platinum Membership and Platinum Subscription Site. You must agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions contained in this Subscriber Agreement in order to become or remain an authorized subscriber of the Anderson Subscription Site and Platinum Member.

11.4 Subscriber indicates agreement with the terms and conditions of this Subscriber Agreement after first logging into the member area of the website on Feel free to read and reread this Subscriber Agreement as often as You want before logging into the Platinum Membership Website. If You do not wish to agree to these terms and conditions, do not log in to the membership subscription site (You understand that You will not be subscribed to the Anderson Subscription Site and will have no right to access such Anderson Subscription Site unless You agree with the terms of this Subscriber Agreement). Anderson reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of this Subscriber Agreement at any time. Occasionally Anderson may ask You to accept the terms of such changes to continue using the Anderson Subscription Site.

11.5 Anderson may change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the Anderson Subscription Site at any time, including the availability of any feature, database or content. Anderson may also impose limits on certain features and services or restrict Your access to parts or all of the Anderson Subscription Site without notice or liability.

12.1 The contents of the Anderson Subscription Site are intended for the personal, noncommercial use of its registered subscribers. All materials published on the Anderson Subscription Site (including, but not limited to news articles, forms, agreements, illustrations, audio clips and video clips, also known as the “Content”) are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws, and are owned, or controlled by, or licensed to Anderson or the party credited as the provider of the Content, software or other materials. You shall abide by all additional copyright or other notices, information or restrictions appearing in conjunction with any Content accessed through the Anderson Subscription Site.

12.2 The Anderson Subscription Site is protected by copyright as a collective work and/or compilation, pursuant to U.S. copyright laws, international conventions and other copyright laws. Except as set forth in Section 2 of this Subscriber Agreement, You may not modify, adapt, translate, exhibit, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale of, reproduce (except as provided in this section of the Subscriber Agreement), create derivative works from, distribute, perform, display, reverse engineer, decompile or dissemble, or in any way exploit, any of the Content, software, materials of Anderson Subscription Site in whole or in part.

12.3 Copying or storing of any Content for any purpose other than personal, noncommercial use is expressly prohibited without the prior written permission from Anderson, or the copyright holder identified in the individual Content’s proprietary rights notices. For the avoidance of doubt, including any Content (in whole or in part) on Your personal website, when it is accessible to any other person, is not a personal use and is not permitted.

12.4 If You believe that any Content appearing on the Anderson Subscription Site has been used on such Anderson Subscription Site in a manner that constitutes copyright infringement, please provide Anderson with a written notice (email is sufficient) that includes the following information:

  • an electronic or physical signature of a person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the exclusive right that is allegedly infringed
  • identification of the copyrighted work claimed to have been infringed
  • a description of where the material that You claim is infringing is located on the Anderson Subscription Site
  • Your address, telephone number, and e-mail address
  • a statement by You that You have a good faith belief that the disputed use is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law
  • a statement by You, under penalty of perjury, that the information in Your notice is accurate and that You are the copyright owner or authorized to act on the copyright owner’s behalf.

12.5 Our office for notice of claims of copyright infringement on the Anderson Subscription Site is: By postal mail: Anderson Business Advisors 3225 McLeod Drive Las Vegas, NV 89121. By telephone: (800) 706-4741.

13.1 You shall not upload to, or distribute or otherwise publish through the Anderson Subscription Site any Content that is libelous, defamatory, obscene or otherwise violates any law or the rights of third parties. Please use Your best judgment and be respectful of other individuals using the bulletin boards. Do not use vulgar, abusive or hateful language. Bulletin boards within the Anderson Subscription Site, where provided, are provided to give our users an interesting and stimulating forum in which they may express their opinions and share their ideas. Anderson does not endorse the opinions placed on these bulletin boards. You acknowledge that any submissions may be edited, removed, modified, published, transmitted and displayed by Anderson.

13.2 The Forums shall be used by You solely in a noncommercial manner. You shall not, without the express approval of Anderson distribute or otherwise publish any material containing any solicitation of funds, advertising or solicitation for goods or services, or to promote websites or online services on the Anderson Subscription Site.

13.3 While Anderson does not and cannot review every message posted by subscribers in the Forums and is not responsible for any content of these messages, Anderson reserves the right to delete, move or edit messages that it, in its sole discretion, deems are in violation of the law (including trademark and copyright law), or this Subscriber Agreement, or are abusive, defamatory, obscene or otherwise unacceptable. You shall remain solely responsible for the content of their messages.

14.1 The Anderson Subscription Site contains links to other related World Wide Web Internet sites, resources and sponsors of Anderson. Selection of an ad banner or link will redirect You off of the Anderson Subscription Site to a third party website. Transactions that occur between You and any such third party are strictly between You and the third party and are not the responsibility of Anderson. Because Anderson is not responsible for the availability of these outside resources or their contents, You should direct any concerns regarding any external link to its site administrator or webmaster.
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17.4 Electronic Payments: For payment for services with e-Check or ACH, services will begin after payment is received. If an e-Check is returned for any reason at all, the Client will pay an additional charge of $25.00 per returned check.

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