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You’ve got your Anderson Wealth Planning Blueprint and business structure in place. NOW WHAT?

You now have a corporate veil, but what you might not know is how easily that veil can be pierced, opening you up to losing the protections you thought you had.

Since you created your structure with us, you’re already one step ahead, because we look beyond just creating an entity.

What you need now is a broad, comprehensive understanding of how to make your structure work for you.

Some topics we will cover:

  • Help you understand how your structure works and what you need to do to stay compliant
  • Show you critical yet easy to do bookkeeping tips and how it helps you at tax time
  • Conduct a checkup of your LLC and other entities (like a living trust)

If you’re an active Platinum member or have an entity formed by Anderson Business Advisors already, be on the lookout for an email that will have a special invitation for you to attend this event.

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Who Can Attend the Structure Implementation Workshop?

This seminar is reserved for current Anderson clients who are active Platinum members & entity clients.

Understanding how your structures work with your overall asset protection plan is the first step on the path to avoiding issues before they happen.


Structure Implementation Workshop

Michael Bowman, Esq.


Michael B. Bowman, Esq. is a partner attorney with Anderson Business Advisors who practices in the areas of civil and commercial litigation, wealth preservation, and business and estate planning. He is licensed in the jurisdictions of Nevada, Arizona, and Washington. Michael is a national speaker and educator on topics that include business law, tax and estate planning, as well as the author of How to Start and Run Your Business the Right Way. He has taught thousands of business owners how to properly structure and operate their businesses.

erica t. web

Erica Terrell

Senior Product Manager

Throughout her tenure at Anderson, Erica has held multiple positions within the company and developed an extensive body of knowledge in topics ranging from legal structuring to real estate bookkeeping, small business taxation, and best practices for business owners and investors. From client-facing positions to helping build departments and processes internally, Erica is passionate about ensuring investors and business owners make the best use of the tools and resources available to them.

Karim Hanafy

Lauren Robins

Senior Attorney

Lauren is a Senior Attorney at Anderson Business Advisors. She specializes in strategic planning for business owners and growing businesses, including asset protection and tax planning. Lauren has a background in real estate and business law, having years of experience in foreclosure, title issues, and litigation behind her and she now helps her clients plan and use strategies to set themselves up for success. As an attorney and mother of three young boys, she understands how important it is to create efficient businesses and utilize tax strategies to set yourself and your family up for success.


Troy Butler

Troy Butler

Senior Bookkeeping Manager

Troy is the Bookkeeping Manager at Anderson Business Advisors. In addition to bookkeeping, he has over ten years of experience in corporate and personal tax planning, strategizing, and preparation. Troy’s extensive knowledge of bookkeeping and tax preparation allow him educate others on the importance of both and how they work together.

Amanda Wynalda

Amanda Wynalda

Excecutive Attorney

Amanda is an attorney licensed in California. Prior to Anderson, she worked in tax, estate planning, family law, and sports/entertainment. As a student at Pepperdine Law, she worked at the IRS Chief Counsel’s office in the Small Business/Self-Employed and Tax Exempt and Government Entities divisions. She regularly presents at our Structure Implementation Series covering tax preparation and planning strategies.

Aba TaxAndAsset Speaker Carl

Jason Zundel, Esq.

Senior Attorney

Jason Zundel is an asset protection and estate planning attorney with a passion for helping clients structure their businesses in a manner that helps them keep what is theirs. Because of his background in corporate and small business litigation and transactions he easily recognizes worst-case scenarios and helps his clients avoid them. In his free time (ha!), Jason loves to spend time with his wife and three kids – reading, skiing, and exploring the outdoors.

Troy Butler

Jeff Cottle

Senior Attorney

Jeff is one of our Senior Attorneys at Anderson Business Advisors. He is a transactional attorney who specializes in strategic planning for real estate investors and business owners with a focus on asset protection and tax planning. He has unique experience and interest in the areas of healthcare and all things contracts. Jeff has an analytical mind and an accessible personality, allowing him to develop rapport with clients while helping them to understand complex legal principles. He enjoys using the practical side of the law to prevent potential problems before it’s too late.


Savannah Wallace, Esq.

Nonprofit Department Manager

With seven years of dedicated service at Anderson Business Advisors, Savannah Wallace started in our Service department and now manages our Nonprofit and Pension Departments and is the newest member of our Attorney team.

Savannah is passionate about collaborating with clients, empowering them with the knowledge to understand their business structures, safeguard their assets, and establish impactful Nonprofits. She is dedicated to fostering a deep understanding of client’s needs and aspirations, ensuring their ventures leave a mark in their communities and endure as a lasting legacy.

6 Reasons Why You Should Attend the Structure Implementation Workshop

Structure Implementation Workshop

Compliance & Corporate Veil Protection

Learn how to operate your entity with maximum liability protection by always ensuring the integrity of your corporate veil.

Structure Implementation Workshop

Tax Reduction

Keep more of what you earn as you learn advanced tax benefits only available to LLCs and corporations.

Structure Implementation Workshop

Operational Efficiency

So you’ve got an entity structure in place, but how do you make sure you’re getting the most out of it? Using your entities together to achieve your greater financial goals is like an orchestra — every piece plays a part.

Structure Implementation Workshop

Liability Reduction

Don’t expose your business to the myriad threats looking to take your hard-won earnings. Learn how to follow all the rules while still seeing MAXIMUM benefits from your entity structures.

Structure Implementation Workshop

Business Bookkeeping

It’s guaranteed that you’re missing tax deductions. Capturing every single allowable deduction all starts with proper bookkeeping.

Structure Implementation Workshop

Asset Protection

Your assets are precious and protecting what you own and plan to acquire should be a top priority. Learn over 15 strategies to build a fortress around your life and assets.

Your Schedule For The Workshop

Day 1


Structure overview — Relationships between your entities

Platinum Walkthrough — Invaluable tools for your business and success

Understanding and Protecting Your Plan — Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s

Day 2


Bookkeeping Essentials and Tips — Keeping a finger on your financial pulse

Maximizing the Tax Code — Arranging your affairs in a Tax Wise Manner

Estate Planning — Using Trusts for generational planning

Structure Implementation Workshop

Have Questions?

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An Advanced Structuring Event Like No Other

Naya | San Francisco

Benjamin | Las Vegas

Beverly & Patrice | Las Vegas

Paul | Las Vegas

Get the most out of your business structure.

Here’s just a few of the game-changing insight you’ll receive:

Uncover the key steps required to keep your entities lawsuit-proof.

Knowing the makeup and requirements of the entities you’re using gives you the upper hand.

Tax tips and strategies specific to your business structure.

Maximize your income and keep the IRS out of your wallet by knowing the top five tax benefits most people miss.


The most common bookkeeping mistakes that COST YOU MONEY and how to avoid them.

Discover how your accounting practices affect your asset protection plan AND your taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good classes to take to learn about LLCs?

Anderson Advisors offers a Structure Implementation Workshop to help you learn more about forming an LLC and its numerous benefits. If you invest in real estate or stocks, own a business, or are self-employed, you need to know about the power of forming a limited liability company. Structuring your business properly will help protect you from legal complications, reduce your liability, and protect your monetary assets. The partners at Anderson Advisors have several decades of experience helping clients around the US structure their business with an LLC and other legal vehicles.

Who should attend business entity structure seminars?

Do you have residential or commercial real estate rental properties? Do you buy and sell real estate? Do you invest in stocks, bonds, and other commodities, or day trade? Do you own your own business, or have a partnership with someone else? Do you offer services like consulting, contracting, or financial management? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you need to understand how to structure your business along the lines of an LLC.

Structuring your small business properly can help you save money and limit your exposure to liability. If you have a business or membership interest that leaves you exposed to lawsuits, or the amount of revenue you produce would put you into an unfavorable tax bracket, there are legal ways to structure your business to your advantage. If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner and you want to learn how to protect your assets from liability, you should attend our Structure Implementation Workshop.

How long is the LLC class?

Our Structure Implementation Workshop is a 2-day event. Topics include a basic overview of structuring a business, along with sessions about common LLC mistakes, how to use your LLC to your business advantage, and the importance of setting up a trust. If you run your own business or are engaged in entrepreneurial pursuits, setting aside two days may seem like a sizable investment-but it’s one that you will see pay off exponentially in terms of saving money, reducing liability, and expanding your business or investment portfolio. There will also be Q&A sessions for you to ask specific questions that might relate to your unique structural situation.

What's the best business entity class?

There is more to forming a business entity than three letters (LLC). The Anderson Advisor’s Structure Implementation Workshop is for business owners and entrepreneurs who need to know how the components of business structuring fit together-and what options work best for their business. In addition to limited liability companies, there are limited liability partnerships, corporations (C corporation and S corporation), and trusts. These are just a few of the structuring options that could be right for your business. You’ll learn more about each structure and how it can benefit you while protecting you and your assets in our LLC classes.

How much is the structure implementation workshop?

Our Structure Implementation Workshop is valued at $1,495 — but it’s absolutely free for active Platinum & entity clients. Getting some of the most useful information you will ever find about structuring your business pursuits absolutely free? That’s the Anderson Advantage.

Our LLC classes come with a personalized review of your unique business situation to identity and resolve your business‘s current structuring challenges. You’ll learn how to identify risks to your business and assets. You’ll also learn how to form lucrative partnerships with other investors, and how to keep the IRS out of your pockets. The value of this information depends on the size of your business, but attendees walk away from our seminar with strategies in place to save tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars-not to mention the knowledge of how to fundamentally protect their business with the right structuring.

What comes with a Platinum Membership?

A platinum membership is available to business owners and entrepreneurs who will benefit from our other workshops, such as the Tax-Wise Workshop, the Infinity Investing Workshop, and our Real Estate Investment Classes.

Platinum members get two complimentary tickets every quarter to attend our workshops, which means you and one other person can attend four of our incredible, information-packed workshops every year.

In addition to educational benefits, you’ll have access to our extensive library of legal forms, video training library, monthly tax webinar, and Q&A database.

Platinum members also can ask our team of partners unlimited questions. Elite platinum members have priority access to our firm’s partners, along with unlimited nominee services and corporate assistance. I

If you’d like to register for multiple Anderson Advisor events, along with unparalleled access to legal advice on an ongoing basis, a platinum membership is for you.

Is learning about LLCs and business structures worth it?

Learning about LLCs will help you structure your business in the most advantageous way. Look at it this way: without a legal vehicle to separate yourself and your private assets from your business, any wrong turn of events or maliciously intentioned lawsuit could bring down everything you’ve worked hard to build up.

At the same time, structuring your business the right way-to maximize savings, minimize losses, and facilitate business growth-is not as simple as counting to three. Learning how to legally structure a business from experts in the field is worth the investment many times over. Just ask some of our previous attendees, who have minimized or even completely eliminated some of the issues that were facing their business before they took this course! If you were to ask yourself if something is worth doing for your business that would reduce the possibility of losing your assets and at the same time help you keep more money in your pocket, you would definitely say yes-and that’s what our LLC classes are all about.

What class should I take to learn how to start a business?

A class about the importance of forming a limited liability company and structuring your business is a great place to start. In fact, the first thing you need to know about starting a business is how to structure your business so that it can thrive and grow. If that foundation isn’t in place, your business will be fraught with difficulties and subject to liabilities.

Fortunately, the Structure Implementation Workshop is a great place to learn about this foundational piece for entrepreneurs just starting out. It’s even great for those who have already been in business or investing for a while, but have repeatedly faced issues because of structuring (or are at risk because of them).

Many entrepreneurs or business owners choose to move forward with the specific needs of their business interest, without considering how to structure their operating agreement. These business owners or investors set themselves up for increased risk and greater tax losses. But all it takes to start a business on the right track is a simple LLC course like the one offered by Anderson Advisors.

What will I learn in the LLC course?

In the Anderson Advisors Structure Implementation Workshop, you’ll learn how to start a business or investment pursuit, how to structure it, and the benefits of each type of business structure. You’ll also learn how to leverage business structures for saving money, making deals, growing your business, and avoiding liabilities and minimizing risks.

Registration for this course is a must-do for any entrepreneurial or growth-minded individual who wants to learn about starting a business or restructuring their existing business to set themselves up for the most success. You’ll not only learn the basics about how an LLC member, manager, or owner can obtain peace of mind and save money. You’ll also learn how to use an LLC to generate more income and expand your portfolio of assets, whether you’re involved in stocks, real estate, angel investing, or any other form of wealth generation.

Do I really need an LLC for my small business?

If you operate a small business, you’re most likely aware of the basics around your business interests, whether that’s providing consulting services or running an online retail venture. Unfortunately, many business owners leave their business or investing activities under the guise of a sole proprietorship, without any kind of operating agreement or business structure. If you haven’t examined the benefits of limited liability protection, this can leave the income generated by your labor at risk. As the owner of a business or the owner of membership interests in a business, you will also want to protect yourself with some sort of LLC operating agreement or business structuring that protects you from the liability of business partners’

What if I don't own a business?

Are you an investor of any sort? Even if your income or a portion of your income is generated by an activity like flipping homes, trading stocks, or renting out your summer vacation home, you will most likely find that creating an LLC operating agreement will help you save money, regardless of the specific needs of your business.

While forming an LLC is a requirement for limited liability protection, it’s also a great way to reduce your tax losses and acquire additional benefits that can streamline the process of growing your assets. You might be surprised to learn that even retail investors who are merely putting money away for retirement can also benefit from the process of creating a limited liability company and appointing a registered agent as a manager of their assets.

LLC owners can have greater peace of mind about their business or investments, not only because of limited liability protection, but because of the additional money they can save.