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Let us keep your entity active and up-to-date.

Privacy and Protection

Privacy is a major component of asset protection. There are a few different ways to maintain anonymity when forming a business.

Whether or not the formation articles for your corporation, LLC, or LP require the officers or directors, managers or members, or general or limited partners, respectively, varies state by state. Using a nominee (in states that allow it) and corporate registered agent services can help to remove your name from the formation articles and provide you the privacy and protection you desire.

Full Range of Business Management Services and Solutions

Using an established brand like Anderson Advisors for nominee and corporate registered agent services can provide a peace of mind.

Anderson Business Advisors distinguishes itself from the competition by offering the knowledge that your trusted business advisor and attorney have a team to both create and maintain entities.

We provide registered agent services in all 50 states, corporate concierge services to keep your business in compliance with resolutions and meetings, and unlimited nominee in Nevada.


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Registered Agent Services

Corporate Concierge

Company Assistance Program

Unlimited Nominee

Registered Agent Services
Your registered agent is the first line of defense against default judgments and business revocation. As your registered agent, we will accept service of process on your behalf and ensure your annual requirements with the state are met.

Corporate Concierge
In today’s lawsuit-obsessed business environment, it is not enough to just run your business; you need to protect your business, as well. Anderson’s Corporate Concierge Plan was developed to free you from the worry and frustration of maintaining your business records.

Company Assistance Program
Take advantage of Nevada’s unique laws, including privacy protection for owners, charging order protections for corporations, LLCs, and LPs (the only state in the US that offers this protection to all three – period). As an Company Assistance client, you will be assigned to a team of professionals.

Unlimited Nominee
In a nutshell, the use of a nominee is a convenient way to preserve the anonymity of certain assets that you control. The less other people know about your affairs, the less involved they can become. Speak with Anderson Business Advisors today about how we can help protect you.

Anderson Business Advisors

The employees at Anderson all have unique skills. It’s really hard for any one person to have all the answers. It’s so neat to have the community and the package together in one organization. If you don’t have the answer or another advisor doesn’t have the answer, they are going to go find it out for you and help you get to where you need to be.

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