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All Tax Returns Are Not Created Equal

Your business was created for asset protection and tax reduction, but the tax reducing benefits of it will never be realized unless your taxes are prepared the right way. The number of tax deductions available to corporations and other entities is enormous, and only tax professionals well versed in the sections of the tax code specifically for businesses can capture these benefits. No one can be expected to memorize all 70,000+ pages of the tax code, but our tax professionals specialize in finding all of the deductions for you.

Your Goals. Our Expertise.

Just because someone is a tax professional, does not mean they should be your tax professional. It takes an expert in business taxes to make sure you are getting all the deductions available to you. The more entities you have in your business structure, the more complicated each return could be. Not only do our CPAs and EAs have extensive experience in business taxes, but they are already working hand in hand with your business advisor. We have planned your structure to allow you to save the most on taxes, now let our professionals make sure it happens.

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Tax Review

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Tax Review
Our tax professionals can review your past tax returns to determine if all available deductions were taken. We can also find out if you overpaid due to lost rebates, increased fines, and time-expensive audits.

Year End Tax Planning
Tax planning should be done carefully and throughout the year, but the end of the year is a great time to think about alternative and additional strategies. This is a great time to implement changes you want to take effect for the next tax year.

Small Business Bookkeeping
Wasting time manging your own books takes precious time away from building your business. Focus on what matters most, and let us handle the details.

Tax Forms
The quickest and easiest way to get your taxes done is to fill out one of our tax organizers. You can also find our other questionnaires and helpful forms here.

Anderson played an integral part in helping us establish our real estate investing business structure, our living trust estate plan, and our LLC business structure. If not for Toby and his team, we may not have known how important it was to structure our businesses in a way that protects our personal assets and our family’s legacy. In addition, the team has helped us create a living trust, and every other lawyer just wanted us to make a will (which of course, provides them with more money through the probate process).

Natasha D.

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