What is a Registered Agent?

A registered agent (also known as a resident agent or statutory agent) is a business or, in rare cases, an individual, who is designated to receive service of process for a business entity. Service of process notices can be from a lawsuit or summons. The registered agent is also the address most often used for IRS and other tax agencies to ensure correspondence is received.


How to Choose a Registered Agent Service

While there are plenty of companies that can provide registered agent services to your business, most are run by salespeople, not lawyers. Anderson Advisors is different because of the level of experience and knowledge behind our registered agent service. With Anderson Advisors, your RA will be a real lawyer, not a salesman. For more information on selecting the right registered agent service for your business, fill out the form below.


Anderson Advisors’ Registered Agent Services

Whether you are contemplating having Anderson Advisors form your new business entity, are filing your own entity and need a registered agent service, or are just looking to upgrade your existing registered agent service from your current provider, Anderson Advisors is the best choice for comprehensive and exceptional services at an attractive price! Your registered agent is your first line of defense against default judgments and business revocation. Choose wisely. As the leading provider of registered agent services in Nevada and throughout the United States, Anderson Advisors Registered Agents maintains a wide base of registered agents and statutory compliance experts. We serve thousands of small and large companies, providing expert knowledge of every jurisdiction.

See the Difference Expertise Can Make

If you’re interested in utilizing Anderson Advisors’ registered agent services, fill out the form below



Individualized tax planning to help you keep as much of your money in your pocket as possible.


Asset protection strategies and solutions to shield your assets and limit personal liability.


Retirement and financial planning and wealth management strategies to maximize what you already have.

Exceptional Service

Anderson’s registered agent services include a range of offerings:

  • Maintain entity compliance – our first-of-its-kind business entity monitoring service. Proactively monitors your entities and immediately notifies you about status changes in 49 jurisdictions
  • View service of process by month, lawsuit type, or jurisdiction
  • Paperless service of process management tools
  • Electronic payment options


Nevada Privacy Enhancements

Nevada is the premier jurisdiction for individuals looking for business privacy. With Anderson Advisors’ Nominee Service, your business owner, manager, officer, or director are provided complete anonymity. Your business is protected behind the legal shield of our law firm. Your personal information will not be made available to the public. This keeps your name and address away from prying eyes, annoying solicitors, junk mail, and anyone else who accesses the Secretary of State’s database for various reasons, as sometimes those reasons are not for your benefit.

  • Nominee officer or director for corporations
  • Nominee manager for LLCs
  • Complete business address and mail forwarding


For more information about Anderson Advisors’ nominee service, click here.

The employees at Anderson all have unique different skills. It’s really hard for any one person to have all the answers. It’s so neat to have the community and the package together in one organization. If you don’t have the answer or another advisor doesn’t have the answer, they are going to go find it out for you and help you really get to where you need to be. Carl F.

Your Custom Entity Blueprint

Speak with an Anderson Professional Advisor to get your business planning blueprint to determine the best entity structure plan for you and your unique situation.

Registered Agent FAQ

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Why do I need a registered agent ?
In all states a registered agent must be named in the document forming a corporation or LLC. A registered agent is authorized to receive service of process in the event of a lawsuit and other important documents on behalf of the business.
What are the requirements of being a registered agent?
A registered agent must be an adult or an authorized business available during normal business hours at a street address in the state in which the business is formed. For privacy and convenience reasons, many businesses choose a third party, such as a commercial registered agent, to serve as their registered agent.
Can I change my registered agent to Anderson Advisors?
Yes, you can change the registered agent of an existing corporation or LLC. Doing so typically requires a fee and filing with your state. If you want Anderson Advisors to be your business’s registered agent, we will file the required documentation at no additional cost. Sometimes we even have special promotions that may cover all costs. Contact us today to see what promotions we currently have.