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Tax Class and Workshop for Business Owners, Investors, and Stock Traders

If you think you’re overpaying taxes, chances are you’re probably right.

It’s no surprise that business owners and investors, even the successful ones, get lost when it comes to taxes. And, if you’re a high net worth client who has the kind of income and assets that invite complicated tax situations, it can be a searing pain point.

Albert Einstein even said it nearly a century ago, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.”

What you need, that you’re not getting by preparing your own returns or even from your local CPA, is a good dose of relevant, up-to-date tax planning… an actual plan that reduces your tax liability and maximizes efficiency.

Join us for the Tax-Wise Workshop to get 30+ strategies to implement in your tax plan THIS YEAR.

Who Should Attend the Tax-Wise Workshop?

Taxes can be a make-or-break factor when it comes to investments, deals, and retirement decisions. You’ll discover how to minimize your tax exposure and leverage the latest laws. The amount of a-ha moments you’ll experience that you can put to use immediately are guaranteed to help you avoid costly mistakes and eliminate surprises.

Your Tax-Wise Workshop Speaker

Toby Mathis, Esq.

Founding Partner Attorney

Toby is an attorney on a mission to help investors and business owners keep and grow more. A founding partner of Anderson Business Advisors, Toby helped Anderson grow its practice from one of business and estate planning to a thriving tax practice and registered agent service with tens of thousands of clients nationwide.

Taught by an expert tax attorney who literally wrote the book on Tax-Wise Business Ownership, you’ll discover the protective tax strategies real estate investors and business owners like you use, including:

  • High level techniques that lower your taxes to the bare minimum

  • How the Tax Code benefits you and how to not miss a single deduction

  • Tax-advantaged accounts and investments that help you stay ahead

Register for an upcoming Tax-Wise Workshop to discover the latest tax strategies that you can implement immediately to lower your tax bill and keep more of what you earn.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll receive from the Tax-Wise Workshop:

business tax deductions

Business Tax Deductions

Learn the top 15 tax deductions most business owners and investors miss.

tax advantaged entity structures

Tax-Advantaged Entity Structures

Use your entity structure to your full tax advantage by harnessing the IRS business Tax Code for increased profitability.

audit avoidance

Audit Avoidance

Want to stay out of the IRS crosshairs? Learn the top 5 mistakes business owners make that increase their likelihood of an audit.

Liability Reduction

Don’t expose your business to the myriad threats looking to take your hard-won earnings. Learn how to follow all the rules while still seeing MAXIMUM benefits from your entity structures.

tax planning

Tax Planning

Tax reduction truly begins with tax planning. Learn how to plan for what’s ahead to make the greatest impact on your balance sheet.

2020 Tax Strategies

New tax laws are being produced and old tax laws are being updated constantly. Get the latest insight for 2020 and beyond straight from tax attorneys.

Your Schedule For The Workshop

Start of Class

9:00 am pt

Why Is Tax Planning Important?

Who Gets Audited?

Thinking Like a Planner

The Different Tax Systems

The 3 Types of Tax Relief

Using Your Options: Real Life Applications

Understanding the US Tax System

Choosing a Tax Structure

Thinking Like the Top 2%

Tax Laws 

32 Different Tax Strategies and Little-Known Deductions


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A Tax Reduction Event Like No Other

Nicole | Las Vegas

Robert | Las Vegas

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Scott | California

Lower your taxes to the legal minimum.

You’ll unveil over 30+ strategies at the workshop. Using even just a few can save your thousands of dollars.


Your CPA might be giving you bad advice, but how will you know?

So many accountants hesitate to discuss planning with their clients because of their complicated nature and hard-to-understand terminology. We break it down so you understand each strategy and why it’s beneficial.

Get ideas on what to do with the money you save.

Not only will you uncover how to minimize your tax exposure, we’ll walk you through the facts and strategies to improve your investment returns.

Discover why tax planning is so important.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take better control of your tax situation, save money, and position your finances to help you last through your lifetime and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I take tax preparation courses?

Anderson Advisors offers a tax preparation course with a focus on tax planning. You don’t need to be a professional tax preparer or tax law expert in order to attend the Tax Wise Workshop. You just need to be an entrepreneur or investor who doesn’t want their income to be reduced by taxes.

Our team has decades of experience addressing tax issues and the tax implications in a variety of investing situations. Our tax prep course is currently offered as a live stream event, so you can attend right from your own home or office.

Why is the Anderson Advisors Tax Wise Workshop better?

Do you have assets like real estate, stocks, or even a business? Are you engaged in flipping homes, trading stocks, or angel investing? Do you have assets overseas? Or have you just worked hard to build up a decent nest egg? Our Tax Wise Workshop is a tax prep class specifically tailored to the tax issues faced by people who want to protect their assets.

While there are other tax courses out there, they don’t tackle taxes from a business and investor stand point. These courses can be helpful for answering the standard questions people have about taxes, but it’s not nearly enough for investors looking to protect their income and assets. Our tax course teaches business owners the most important strategies for protecting their income and assets.

Doesn't my CPA already know all this?

Most accounting professionals have a good grasp of looking over financial statements and claiming a deduction on income taxation. But the average tax preparer does not have a solid grasp of advanced strategies around tax issues such as capital gains, international taxation, and tax credits.

As a tax practitioner, they may take a periodic continuing education income tax course, but a continuing education credit cannot replace the experience of working with clients who have significant investment assets like real estate, stocks, or business ownership. Having these types of assets usually puts one into a higher tax bracket, which means you may have higher tax obligations. Our Tax Wise Workshop is led by senior business strategists who have years of protecting the assets of investors and entrepreneurs.

Who can take tax return courses?

Anyone can take a course on preparing their annual tax return. Most consumers never look into learning about how taxes work. They either file them on a simple software meant for the average taxpayer or outsource the task to a CPA or retail outfit like H&R Block. Those who do take a tax return course might be better equipped to file their own taxes to save on tax preparation fees, but they won’t know about the specific tax that those with assets need to use in order to protect their wealth.

That said, if you own real estate, have a stock portfolio, buy and sell stocks, or own a business, you need to take a tax return course that is geared toward individuals with higher assets and income. You don’t need to be a math whiz or an aspiring CPA yourself. You just need to be interested in protecting your assets from taxation and minimizing your tax losses. If more money in your pocket describes your approach to life, you need to take a tax course like our Tax Wise Workshop.

What is the best tax training course?

Every tax course has its use. But most taxpayers don’t have an extensive list of assets like real estate, stocks, or businesses.

For taxpayers who do have these types of assets, a tax course that teaches strategies to reduce tax liability is a must-and that’s what Anderson Advisor’s Tax Wise Workshop is.

Our firm is led by a team of partners with extensive experience working with investors in real estate, the stock market, and the business world. We have the knowledge to reduce income tax obligations in all 50 states. Our senior partners are equipped to deliver the best advice about saving the most money when it comes to taxes. They are proven professionals that will discuss specific tax strategies to protect your assets. There is no other course quite like it.

While some tax preparation courses are geared towards helping a tax pro meet their continuing education credits, our courses are geared toward entrepreneurs and investors who are looking for specific strategies to protect their income.

How do you learn to do your own taxes?

It’s true: everyone can do their own taxes. But it’s not always the most strategic option.

There are plenty of deductions to reduce your tax burden, but if you’re not a proven CPA with experience in a variety of specific situations, you’ll miss all these opportunities. A course like the Tax Wise Workshop will go into detail about money-saving asset protection strategies for entrepreneurs and investors who have significant assets such as real estate, stocks, bonds or businesses.

Even so, you will still want a qualified tax professional to prepare your taxes for a variety of reasons. First of all, filing taxes for someone who has a diverse range of investments or their own business can prove to be a time-consuming venture, which of course means less time for running your business and investments. Secondly, a CPA with experience will know how to navigate the nuances of every particular situation and save you the most money possible.

At the end of the day, you want to know what’s going on with your taxes and know the best tax planning strategies. That’s why it’s still a safe bet to leverage the help of an experienced and qualified tax pro who can implement the tax knowledge to protect your assets and investments from government taxation.

How much is the tax workshop?

The Tax Wise workshop starts at $1,997. Don’t let the price tag shock you though. We promise it will be well worth the investment of both your time and money.
We have several clients who attend our tax workshop multiple years in a row because the information they gain from these events or livestreams is so valuable. In fact, we’re confident that the course will pay for itself in tax savings.

When you see how the Tax Wise Workshop can give you the knowledge and strategies to protect your assets and save money, you’ll know that it was an investment well worth the time and money.
They say that only two things in life are certain, and one of them is taxes-but that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to looking at income taxation the same way everyone else does.

What is the easiest way to learn about taxes and asset protection?

US federal tax law is always changing, and the value of your assets will also change over time. That said, tax issues are a continual and time-consuming education process.

Thankfully, you can rely on us to provide you with the most relevant information around tax strategy and asset protection with the Tax Wise Workshop. This is the easiest way to stay up-to-date with the strategies and itemized deductions that will save you the most amount of money.

Though we ourselves are experts in tax advising and asset protection, we pride ourselves on the care and commitment we provide to client education.

We offer seminars on different areas of asset protection, wealth building, and tax strategy with educational content, in-person events, and livestream seminars.

We love delivering valuable financial education so much, we even built our own conference center in Las Vegas. Our mission is to deliver the most up-to-date wealth, tax issues, and asset protection strategies without the smoke and mirrors. We want to give you the most information in a way that’s easy to understand.

How long is the Tax-Wise workshop?

The Tax Wise Workshop is a two-day workshop, usually on a Thursday and Friday. Be prepared to block off those two days to get immersed in the things you need to know about minimizing your income tax and protecting your assets. Those 48 hours will transform the way you manage your assets, whether you are involved in real estate investing, stocks, business, or some combination of all three.

We’ve mentioned that the price of the Tax Wise Workshop is small in comparison to the amount of money you can save leveraging the tax preparation strategies we’ll teach. The same is true in terms of time. Though you might be reluctant to attend a two-day webinar, the money you save because of the work you put into those two days will be exponentially greater than what you can make in 48 hours.

Remember the wise words of Benjamin Franklin, also known as the man on the hundred-dollar bill: a penny saved is a penny earned. And during this two-day Tax Wise Workshop, you’ll learn how to save (and therefore earn) a lot more than pennies.

Are tax courses worth it?

Learning about tax strategies is more than worth it for investors, real estate owners, and entrepreneurs. It’s necessary.

A solid tax strategy will vary from taxpayer to taxpayer, but what all tax strategies have in common is increasing profits, decreasing losses, and protecting the value of your current assets and investments.

Remember that without a tax strategy, you will be shelling out tens of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of dollars towards government taxes. The good news is that there are ways to minimize your losses to Uncle Sam; you just need to know how. Our Tax Wise Workshop is a step in that direction.