Starting a Nonprofit Corporation?

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The First Steps

Starting a nonprofit is a great way to support a worthwhile cause. Anderson Business Advisors can help you quickly form your nonprofit corporation. We can also complete your 501(c)(3) application for tax-exempt status.


Your Anderson Nonprofit allows you to:

  • Receive tax-deductible donations with 501(c)(3) status
  • Get discounts on postage and other expenses with 501(c)(3) status
  • Reassure potential donors
  • Create a lasting legacy for you and your family
  • Provide charitable services that can benefit hundreds, or thousands, of families


Congratulations, Your Nonprofit is a 501(c)(3)! Is Your Nonprofit In Compliance?

Introducing The Anderson Nonprofit Compliance Package

If you already have a Nonprofit and want to stay in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations, this Nonprofit Compliance Package is for you.

With this Nonprofit Compliance Package, you can now focus on your nonprofit’s goals and let Anderson do the heavy lifting. From Anderson, you can expect that we will take care of Attorney General filings, state tax board filings, and keep up to date with all state and federal regulations.

Start Your Nonprofit Plan in 45 Minutes For Free


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Introducing the Anderson Nonprofit Compliance Package

To get started, please call your Senior Advisor at 1-800-706-4741

Want to Learn More?

Attend Our “How to Start, Fund, Grow, and Operate a Nonprofit or Private Foundation” event at our Event Center in Las Vegas, Nevada or Virtually.

Anderson Business Advisors

Comprehensive Assessment Tailored To You

The wrong setup of your business now could mean more taxes and liability later. That’s where we’re really different. We take a comprehensive look at your situation not only from a legal asset protection perspective but also from a tax savings and financial planning perspective.

Experience You Can Trust

Unlike other law firms, our consultants consist of attorneys and planners who travel nationwide to speak at conferences and seminars on subject matters concerning asset protection, taxes and business planning. Since 1993, we have taught tens of thousands of people how to make better business decisions and properly prepare to meet their goals.

Anderson Business Advisors
“$2 million lawsuit reduced to $100,000 settlement

We set up a Nevada LLC for a client with significant savings. She was sued 3 years later for an environmental claim stemming from property she owned over 30 years before. Plaintiff wanted over $2 million in damages for the cleanup. After we disclosed that her assets were protected by a Nevada LLC and a HELOC on her residence Plaintiff accepted less than $100k in a settlement.

“Avoided $5.5 million judgement”

A bank wanted to pursue one of our clients for a deficiency judgement ($5.5 million) for commercial real estate he lost in foreclosure. Once the bank found out how we protected all of our clients remaining assets with LLCs and a Nevada holding LLC the bank’s attorney stated “we decline to seek a deficiency judgment given the complicated structure you have weaved for yourself.”

“$1 Million in personal liability avoided

Our client purchased property in a LLC and it was later discovered the soil beneath the property was contaminated. The state sued the LLC to clean up the land. Client walked away from the property without any personal liability. Without the LLC he would have been on the hook for over $1 million.

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