Anderson Tax Package

Outsource all your accounting needs to the Anderson team of accounting and tax professionals with one set price!

Stressed about taxes?
Not if you’re an Anderson client.

Professional Tax Preparation with Audit Protection & No Hourly Fees Guaranteed

Worry-free tax and bookkeeping services let you focus on what you do best: running your business.

Stop playing catch-up every year. Stop postponing tax planning in fear of outrageous hourly rates.

Anderson’s Investor Tax Package eliminates hourly fees for tax preparation, tax planning, and bookkeeping services. Feel confident in your business plans knowing you have a team of financial professionals in your corner! Sign up for the Investor Tax Package from Anderson now.



Investor Tax Package – $4,000

What’s Included

 160 Time Units

             – Stop overpaying with hourly fees 
             – Time Units can be used for bookkeeping, tax preparation, or tax planning services. Let Anderson
simplify your business’ finances by doing it all under one roof.


 Yearly Tax Planning

            – Keep the power in YOUR hands, not Uncle Sam’s
            – Plan your tax year in advance with a tax professional! No longer will tax season surprise you
with exessive dues, penalties, and fees.


 Audit Protection

            – Worry-free tax prep
            – Rest easy knowing any return Anderson prepares includes audit protection. In the event of an
audit, Anderson’s professionals will deal with the IRS on your behalf.*

 Tax-Wise Workshop – 2 tickets (valued at $990)

           – Wise taxpayers pay less.
The Investor Tax Package becomes an even greater asset to your business’ finances when it includes
2 tickets to Anderson’s Tax-Wise Workshop, where Toby Mathis, Esq. (a founding partner at Anderson) breaks
down the tax code & highlights loopholes used by successful investors.

 Comprehensive financial services for your business

           – Focus on making money. Let Anderson do the rest.


No hourly fees. Guaranteed**.

For one low price, have Anderson meet your business’ tax & bookkeeping needs. The Investor Tax Package contains 160 Time Unites for tax & bookkeeping services for one set price: $4,000. Click here to simplify your taxes.
     Platinum members receive the special Platinum-only price of $2,995.
     Sign up for Platinum now to receive this discounted rate before taxes are due! Platinum
     members have unlimited access to attorneys, CPAs, and retirement account specialists.

Tax season is here, so why wait until you’ve overpaid to get your business on track?
Let Anderson prepare your returns & begin tax planning to minimize next year’s taxes.

Click here to level up your business finances with Anderson’s Investor Tax Package.

Please note that quarterly or annual tax planning sessions do use Time Units.
For 1 hour of service, Time Units can be used as follows:
Bookkeepers = 8 Units per hour
Tax preparer = 10 Units per hour
EAs (Enrolled Agents) = 15 Units per hour
CPAs: 20 Units per hour
Tax attorneys = 20 Units per hour

Please note that quarterly or annual tax planning sessions use Time Units. 
Complete terms of service can be found here.


*In the event that a court appearance is required, Anderson Advisors does not litigate. 
**Hourly fees will not be charged for your bookkeeping or tax preparation work as part of your package. If you engage in other tax consulting services, hourly rates could apply depending on the service.

$4,000 $2,995


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