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Tax & Asset Protection Course Overview

  • What Is Asset Protection and Why Is It Important?
  • The Differences and Dangers of Various Types of Corporations
  • Why You Need LLCs as a Real Estate Professional
  • How to Properly Set Up Your Retirement for a Worry-Free Future
  • Setting Up Your Retirement
  • Where You Should Create Your Entities
  • Proven Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Who Should Attend

Real estate investors and business owners looking for a basic understanding of how to protect your real estate, business, and personal assets using various strategies taught by expert attorneys and CPAs. This workshop is the first level in our education workshop series. If you have not structured your business or you’re worried about your current structure, we highly recommend attending this event.

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After Attending, You Will…


Have a custom blueprint that outlines the proper structure for your business and assets.


Be able to recognize dangerous risks to your wealth and your profits.


Have the knowledge to create lucrative partnerships with other investors.


Know how to maximize your income and keep the IRS out of your pockets.


Your Featured Presenters

Michael Bowman, Esq.

Michael Bowman, Esq.


Aaron Soffer, Esq.

Aaron Soffer, Esq.


Carl Zoellner, Esq.

Carl Zoellner, Esq.


What Past Attendees Have to Say

Event Location

Anderson Event Center

ONE Summerlin Building
1980 Festival Plaza Drive, Suite 550
Las Vegas, Nevada 89135

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Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
9:00am - 5:00pm Section 1 - Identifying the Threats to Wealth Accumulation | Legal Challenges Risk Reduction Continued Why Real Estate Investors Love this Tool
Break Section 3 – Investing in Real Estate with IRA and 401ks | Self-directed IRAs and Qualified Retirement Plans Section 6 – Real Estate Business Tax Strategies | Putting more Money in Your Pocket
Risk Analyzer Break Break
Keeping Uncle Sam out of Your Pocket Using These Plans to Invest in Real Estate Section 7 – Joint Ventures | How to Partner with Other Investors
Lunch IRS Issues with IRAs Lunch
Section 2 – Reducing Risk | Privacy Shield Protection Lunch Section 8 – Short Term Investing | Strategies for Investors Who Buy and Sell
Break Section 4 – Land Trusts | Why Real Estate Investors Love this Tool Section 9 – Long Term Deals | Various Strategies for Specific Investing Situations
Risk Reduction Break Question and Answer
Section 5 – Making the Transition to Generational Wealth |
The Importance of an Estate Plan

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