Updated March 2, 2021

There are many real estate investor associations in California. These organizations provide a number of benefits to REIA members. LA South REIA is one of the top investor clubs serving Southern California. Here are the basic steps to joining LA South REIA.

4 Steps for Joining the LA South REIA

  1. Is LA South REIA Right for Me?
  2. Contact LA South REIA
  3. Attend the Next Meeting
  4. Choose Membership Plan

LA South REIA, which stands for the South Los Angeles Real Estate Investors Association, was incorporated in 2013. The founder and current executive director, Lisa Hoegler, began investing in real estate with the help of a Real Estate Investors Association (REIA). LA South REIA was created to help the real estate community in and around Los Angeles, California.

This real estate investor association holds several events each month across a range of interesting topics for real estate investors and other professionals. LA South REIA competes with several other investor clubs in Los Angeles, two of which are also National REIA chapters or affiliates. The National Real Estate Investors Association (National REIA) is a non-profit trade association with over 40,000 members. The goal of the National REIA is to support and promote real estate investor organizations and the industry.

Membership in a National REIA affiliated club or chapter allows access to a pool of local and national lenders and other real estate professionals who can provide you with business opportunities. As an official chapter of the National REIA, the LA South REIA offers these benefits to its members.

1. Is LA South REIA Right for Me?

LA South REIA is located about 20 miles south of Los Angeles in Torrance, California. LA South REIA serves the Southern California real estate market by providing education and support to a variety of real estate professionals. While there are many benefits for joining a real estate investors club, some investor clubs may not be focused on your specific needs and interests. Be sure to check out each club and read some reviews before attending. Many REIAs will allow guests to attend a meeting for free or at a low rate in order to get a feel for the club.

There are several real estate investor clubs around Los Angeles that are chapters or affiliates of the National Real Estate Investors Association. To the northeast is LAREIA, which stands for the Los Angeles Real Estate Investors Association. With a name similar to LA South REIA, it may cause some confusion. These two clubs tend to hold their meetings on different days of the week which reduces scheduling conflicts for those real estate investors or professionals who wish to be members of multiple clubs.

To the northwest is another REIA called Prosperity through Real Estate, which is about 30 miles from downtown LA. These three clubs are all associated with the National REIA, which brings a host of national benefits. You may be able to find other REIAs around the LA area but be cautious before joining any investment schemes. Investors, vendors, and other real estate pros are more likely to attend a large National REIA associated investors club. LA South REIA offers a variety of educational services and products, including guided tours of properties and workshops on how to rehab a property. Many investor clubs allow guests to attend for free their first time.

2. Contact LA South REIA

To find out more about membership, contact LA South REIA by calling 424-257-8172. You can also contact LA South REIA by email at info@lasouthreia.com. The founder, Lisa K. Hoegler, is also the executive director and driving force of the REIA’s focus on real estate education.

Some clubs are designed to sell you products rather than helping you meet other investors and network with vendors or provide helpful education. Before embarking on an investment, especially one that seems too good to be true, it may be best to run the plan by a knowledgeable and experienced attorney. Consulting with a professional advisor can help you identify any issues and ensure your assets are protected, as well as help you craft the most efficient tax and retirement plan to save more of your hard-earned money.

3. Attend the Next Meeting

Attending a meeting will allow you to get a feel for the club and its overall goals. LA South REIA meetings are often held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel at 21333 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance, CA 90503. Consider attending a meeting for free as a first-time guest, although you may have to arrive by a certain time for the free entry. The dates and frequency of LA South REIA meetings will depend on your type of membership.

These investor clubs may even offer low rates such as $20 to $50 for a single meeting. Consider that annual membership rates can range from $150 to $400 for REIAs across the country. Depending on the quality of meetings that the REIA hosts, you may choose to avoid buying a membership and just attend the meetings that interest you the most.

There are many benefits to membership in a local REIA, especially one associated with the National REIA like LA South REIA. Besides having access to lenders, real estate professionals, and discounts at a national level, you also have access to valuable educational material. Depending on the REIA you attend, the level of involvement, and quality of material presented, you may benefit greatly from buying an annual membership.

4. Choose Membership Plan

LA South REIA offers several membership options designed to meet a variety of needs. There are the Core, Pro, and Pro+ plans. A Core membership can cost $449 for new members but includes a $100 initiation fee. Renewals only cost $349. The Core plan comes with basic club benefits, such as free access to monthly meetings, discounts, member pricing on products, and access to the National REIA.

LA South REIA offers more services for those investors and professionals willing to pay more. A Pro membership starts at $499 a year, with a renewal rate of $399. The Pro plan includes everything in the Core plan but also comes with access to the 48 annual subgroup meetings which the club hosts. These subgroups cover a range of topics, such as note buyers, wholesaling, rehabilitation, and multifamily housing. The Pro plan also allows access to the “Lunch and Learn” tours, which allow those interested in rehabilitating or flipping houses to visit a construction site. The Pro plan also gives new members a mentoring session with the Executive Director Lisa Hoegler, along with access to video archives.

LA South REIA also offers a Pro+ member package, which costs $1499 for the first year, and $499 to renew each additional year. The Pro+ includes everything the Pro plan offers, as well as additional boot camps and an investor toolbox.

Benefits of Joining the LA South REIA

There are many benefits for joining LA South REIA. Real Estate Investor Clubs (REIAs) offer the opportunity to network with other motivated investors and real estate professionals. You can also meet vendors and contractors at these clubs, who may become business partners in your next investment. Building a network of industry professionals can help you in many ways. It’s important to know other investors, brokers, lenders, real estate agents, underwriters, tax assessors, and lawyers to help make sure your next project is a success. LA South REIA and other National REIA affiliated clubs also benefit from industry discounts at stores like Home Depot.

In addition to networking opportunities, many clubs offer educational material and presentations. LA South REIA holds over 50 educational events each year, offering subgroup meetings, workshops, and guided tours to property sites. These educational meetings cover many important topics, such as real estate taxes, asset protection, generating passive income, commercial real estate, rental housing, and rental property tax deductions.

LA South REIA also has a formalized mentorship program designed to guide new investors down the best path. The support that a REIA can provide may help investors stay motivated. Some real estate investments can take a long time before being profitable, so motivation and dedication are key factors of a successful venture.

LA South REIA Annual Events

LA South REIA offers a wide range of annual events geared towards the real estate community and investors. These annual events include monthly meetings, which feature influential guest speakers and knowledgeable investors. LA South REIA also offers many other events throughout each month. The various subgroups hosted by LA South REIA meet periodically throughout the year to educate investors on related subjects.

The association also hosts workshops. One of the more hands-on approaches is to bring LA South REIA members on a guided tour and show what is involved in flipping or rehabilitating a house. Depending on your involvement with the National REIA, there is also an annual event which discusses current trends and analysis, as well as other subjects that might impact real estate investing. Examples of these National REIA meetings include a week-long Alaskan cruise, complete with educational presentations. You can check the National REIA website for updated information on upcoming annual events for members.

LA South Real Estate Investors Association

LA South REIA is an official chapter of the National Real Estate Investors Association. While there are three other chapters and an affiliated club in California, LA South REIA may be the best REIA for you to join. The LA South REIA offers opportunities to network and collaborate with other investors and real estate professionals. Members also receive discounts from vendors and suppliers.

The steps for joining LA South REIA are relatively simple but require some due diligence. The best club may not be the closest to you, but how far are you willing to drive in Los Angeles traffic? You may want to attend a local REIA in your area before becoming a member. Many REIAs offer free entry for first-time guests, so you can decide if the benefits of membership are worth the cost. LA South REIA offers a range of membership options with different levels of benefits. All of the plans include access to the National REIA.

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