Updated October 2, 2021

Real estate investors have found many benefits of joining together into local and national investor groups. These real estate investor associations (REIAs) have spread across the county, offering membership opportunities to investors both large and small. Membership details and benefits may change periodically, so be sure to check with your local REIA for more information.

4 Benefits of Joining Your Local Real Estate Investors Association (REIA)

  1. Financial Benefits
  2. Networking
  3. Educational Information
  4. Mentoring and Support

Since the 1960s, real estate investors across the country have met to share ideas and network. Leaders from these groups eventually decided to collaborate in supporting real estate professionals throughout the industry. By freely sharing information, problems and issues were more easily overcome, and the benefits of a national organization became obvious.

What is the National Real Estate Investors Association?

Through several incarnations, the National Real Estate Investors Association or National REIA was founded as a nonprofit trade association comprised of affiliates and chapters across the US. Today, there are over 40,000 members in the United States. The National REIA was founded on an open exchange of ideas, supporting real estate professionals and offering educational information. The association promotes local REIAs and lobbies for industry support through legislation. National REIA members have multiple opportunities to meet with other professionals, with events including a highly rated annual cruise.

Another benefit of the National REIA is that this organization can provide leadership and guidance to smaller organizations across the county. The sharing of ideas can help local chapters solve problems and overcome obstacles that other chapters have already faced. Membership in the National REIA’s affiliated clubs also brings valuable discounts from partners such as Home Depot and other companies that can help real estate professionals.

Not all real estate investment clubs are affiliated with the National REIA. Be sure to carefully research any club or association before joining, especially if it is not affiliated with this national nonprofit. The motivation of the club could be contrary to your goals or the meetings could be designed to market products or services to you rather than provide helpful benefits. Some clubs are politically active or have strict rules and regulations that must be followed.

Generally, these associations can help new investors navigate the complexity of real estate investing, with its slew of fees, real estate taxes, and maintenance issues. Different associations also charge various amounts for memberships, monthly meetings, and other periodic events. Some clubs offer free memberships and only charge for classes attended.

4 Benefits of Joining Your Local Real Estate Investors Association (REIA)

As a real estate investor, there are several reasons why you should consider joining your local REIA.

1. Financial Benefits

There are many financial benefits to joining a local REIA, especially if it is affiliated with the National REIA. First, members can take advantage of various discounts through partner companies like Office Depot and Home Depot. Your REIA may have additional deals and offers through local sponsors. There may also be discounts for events, workshops, products, and more. Check with your local REIA to learn more about cost-saving opportunities.

REIAs also allow investors to combine or pool their resources together to enlarge their purchasing power. This can allow investors to be eligible for investment opportunities they couldn’t otherwise obtain. Combining purchasing power can also result in increased bargaining power and, subsequently, better deals. The costs of buying property, especially property that produces income, can be exorbitant and daunting to new investors. By working with others, new investors can decrease their risk while taking advantage of the experience and knowledge of association investors.

For example, a sole investor may be able to buy a small rental property, but an entire association will have more opportunities to combine funds and purchase a large hotel or office building. The group can also negotiate for discounts from maintenance and property management companies above and beyond what a single investor can obtain. Financial benefits can also include help with managing taxes, such as rental property tax deductions. There are many tax considerations when investing, including the length of time a property is held. Real estate entrepreneurs may wish to consult with a professional tax lawyer for more information. Another financial benefit of joining a REIA—especially one with ties to the National REIA—is the increased access to lenders of different levels across the nation.

It is important to note that, due to the nature of a joint investment into real estate, it may be difficult to pull money out of this type of investment. Typically, this would require convincing a majority of the investors involved to agree to sell the property. You may be able to convince another member to buy your share in order to liquidate your investment.

2. Networking 

Another key benefit of joining a real estate investors association is the opportunity to network. You can meet other professionals in related fields who may be able to help you or partner with you one day. Other investors may want to combine resources with you to take advantage of investing opportunities.

You may also meet real estate agents who can provide hot tips on trends or available properties. Some groups attract brokers and other lenders who can help fund projects. You’ll be able to connect with contractors, lawyers, accountants or CPAs, as well as a host of other professionals. Your local REIA may have a local network of lenders that will offer discounts on products and services.

Networking and sharing ideas between REIAs, especially at the national level, allows for a discussion of problems and issues with those who may have already been through similar situations. This allows members to share their experiences with new investors and help others overcome common problems. Networking events at a real estate investors association may also include the participation of service providers and other vendors with special deals for real estate entrepreneurs.

4 Benefits of Joining Your Local REIA

3. Educational Information

Real estate investor associations are great resources for educational material on real estate and related issues. REIAs offer monthly meetings which typically involve networking opportunities and a presentation. Many REIAs, including the National REIA and its affiliates, invite popular guest speakers to talk at meetings. You may also hear from local knowledgeable professionals in various industries. Some REIAs offer formalized training, continuing education for professionals, and other informal ways to exchange ideas.

Recently, the National Real Estate Investors Association launched its National REIAU, offering online training through lessons that can start at $29.99. You may also be able to earn your Professional Housing Provider designation from the National REIAU. Educational opportunities include access to knowledgeable and experienced members who can help guide you or your local REIA in making wise investment decisions.

You may also be able to find more information on additional services or tasks you need to consider, such as property management services, tax advisors, and real estate asset management. These educational opportunities are also great for professionals who seek continuing education courses for license requirements. You may also see landlords and other real estate professionals attending these networking opportunities and educational events.

4. Mentoring and Support

There is much to be said about the advantages of meeting with like-minded real estate investors. Besides networking and educational and financial benefits, investors can also receive mentoring and support from experienced professionals. The REIA provides interested investors access to motivated investors who can help nurture and support newcomers. For example, receiving motivated support can go a long way in keeping an investor engaged and focused on becoming successful at flipping houses or becoming a landlord.

Along with providing education and new connections, these clubs allow you to find a mentor or member who will walk you through some of the unfamiliar processes. They can also provide investment advice and additional networking or connections. Successful real estate mentors may also help craft investing strategies or assist with buying and selling decisions. Each local club may or may not be affiliated with the National REIA. Be sure to research any club you are thinking of joining to see what they offer and how much it will cost. Most clubs meet monthly and have additional events you can attend with local investors.

California REIAs

The state of California is home to several local REIAs, though not all are affiliated with the national nonprofit. Most of the National REIA affiliated clubs meet in Southern California.

  • NorCalREIA
  • LASouthREIA
  • San Diego Creative Investors Association
  • Santa Barbara Real Estate Investors Association


The Northern California Real Estate Investors Association or NorCalREIA is not affiliated with the National REIA. This club was founded in 2004 to serve the Sacramento area of California. Meetings are free for annual members or $25 each for non-members. Annual memberships are $200 per person or $350 for couples. Consecutive renewals with uninterrupted membership cost $170 per person or $300 for couples. The club meets on the second Wednesday of each month from 6-10 pm, providing a presentation and plenty of time for networking. One of the benefits of joining a local REIA—even one that is not associated with the National REIA—is meeting other local real estate investors and professionals. NorCalREIA is one of the only real estate investing clubs in Northern California and, thus, is much more likely to be attended by NorCal real estate professionals.


Founded in 2013, the LA South REIA serves Southern California near Los Angeles. This club is a chapter of the National REIA, and members can benefit from the National REAI’s discounts and benefits. Membership costs range from $449 to $1499, with an initiation fee of $100 and renewal fees starting at $349. This club also recognizes the benefits of mentorship and has formalized a program called Revolution Flip Mentoring and Education, which is designed to help new real estate investors.


The Orange County REIA near Los Angeles is a popular club, although it’s not affiliated with the National REIA. Membership costs can start at $199 per year and monthly meetings are free for members or $20 for non-members. This club typically meets on the second Thursday of each month.

San Diego Creative Investors Association

The San Diego Creative Investors Association (SDCIA) is a chapter of the National REIA. This club meets on the second Tuesday of each month at the Scottish Rite Center in San Diego. Meetings run from 6-9 pm with ample time for networking. Meetings cost $10 for members and $20 for guests. Annual membership fees range from $80 for individuals and $125 for couples, or $70 for individual renewals and $115 for renewing couples. As with other clubs associated with the National REIA, your membership in the local club gives you membership to the National REIA, with access to its benefits and member discounts.

Santa Barbara Real Estate Investors Association

Santa Barbara is home to an association that belongs to the National REIA. The Santa Barbara Real Estate Investors Association (SBREIA) has a unique pricing structure—membership is actually free. Meetings do cost $10 to $20 depending on how you sign up and pay. The costs are $10 if you pay in advance and $20 at the door. You can buy package deals that include different levels of involvement and membership in the National REIA. These packages cost from $100 to $950 and include a range of associated benefits. This allows investors to tailor a package to their unique needs.

Texas REIAs

There are several real estate clubs and associations in the state of Texas. Many are affiliated with the National Real Estate Investors Association.

  • El Paso Investors Club
  • Austin REIA
  • Alamo REIA
  • Realty Investment Community of Houston
  • Rio Grande Valley REIC

El Paso Investors Club 

The El Paso Investors Club, also known as EPIC, is affiliated with the National REIA. Members meet on the last Tuesday of every month. Membership costs $150 per year for individuals and $200 for couples. The club offers many educational products, including those focused on finding financing for your real estate investments as well as property tax guides. The club has also partnered with financial groups, such as hard money lenders.

Austin REIA

The Austin Real Estate Investors Association is not affiliated with the National REIA but offers many similar benefits as a member of the Texas Wealth Network. Personal memberships are $100 for individuals and $150 for couples. Corporate memberships are $200. The first event is free for non-members who register online or $40 at door. This club also offers networking, education, and mentoring programs. Vendors can also buy member packages but must pay $1,000 to $5,000 for access to meetings.

Alamo REIA

The Alamo REIA serves San Antonio and the surrounding areas. This club is a National REIA chapter and members can benefit from the discounts and network the national association offers. The main meeting is on the second Tuesday of every month and is free to members or $30 for guests. Membership costs range from $197 per year for individuals to $1,800 for a VIP Membership Plus. Benefits include access to association discussion boards, local market updates, and access to member deals.

Realty Investment Community of Houston (RICH)

The Realty Investment Community of Houston or RICH was founded in 1979 as a nonprofit trade association. An official chapter of the National REIA, individual membership starts at $257 with the VIP Influencer Membership Plus and can cost up to $1,800. This association holds general meetings, monthly mastermind meetings, and webinars. They also hold training workshops on topics such as setting up an LLC. Limited liability companies are a great way to protect your business or REIA against liability issues. In fact, many nonprofit parent companies structure their chapters using LLCs with the parent company as the sole member.

Rio Grande Valley REIC

The Rio Grande Valley REIC (RGVREIC) is also a National REIA affiliate. This club holds a general meeting on the second Thursday of every month from 6:30-9 pm, which includes time for networking. The first meeting is free, then the cost is $25 per meeting. These meetings are free for members. Individual memberships are $179 a year or $19.95 a month and Business Partner memberships are $269 a year or $29.95 monthly. Vendors can also participate for $399 a year.

4 Benefits of Joining Your Local REIA

Find an REIA near You

There are many ways to find REIAs near you. You can search online for a list of clubs in your area or start your search on the National REIA’s website. Go to nationalreia.org to access the REIA lookup tool to find clubs affiliated with the National REIA. You can browse an interactive map or search for a specific location.

Be sure to verify whether the club is affiliated with the National REIA. You may also want to check if it is a nonprofit organization. Prospective investors may want to research a local club’s Better Business Bureau rating or read reviews from other members. Most clubs are designed for the benefit of members and focus on activities which further this goal. If so, the available benefits should be worth your time. However, some clubs may be more focused on selling products and services to new members rather than on supporting local real estate investors and related professionals. Each club can also have a range of costs, from membership fees, meeting costs, service fees, and extra charges on purchases. Some clubs offer free meetings for new members or free memberships and just charge for meetings or stand-alone education events. Because not all clubs are focused on investors, you may wish to start your search with a National REIA affiliated club.

Real Estate Investor Associations

Real estate investor associations are popular across the country and around the globe. There are many benefits for investors to meet together both locally and nationally. The exchange of ideas between these clubs helps create solutions to common problems by sharing with other professionals.

Real estate investors gather together to learn from each other and to take advantage of the benefits of group investing. Pooling their resources gives real estate investors access to larger investments and spreads the risk between members. These associates are great places to meet other investors as well as a host of other professionals that investors may need at some point, including real estate agents, mortgage brokers, contractors, lawyers, accountants, and more. Networking at these events gives these professionals access to valuable leads and investors.

Along with these excellent networking opportunities, most clubs host meetings, events, workshops, and other programs to both entice investors as well as professionals. Remember to check if your local club is education-focused or if they have a different agenda.

Members of REIAs also benefit from group discounts from major vendors. The National REIA gives members discounts at Home Depot and Office Depot as well as many other relevant companies. This includes property management companies, financial services, and professional tax advisors such as Anderson Advisors. Other financial benefits include access to lenders, increased buying power, and national negotiations.

The National REIA and other groups also lobby on behalf of real estate investors with the aim of benefiting the entire industry. Check your local real estate investors association or club for upcoming events and networking opportunities in your real estate market. You’ll find information and education on rental properties and meet with other local investors who can help you on your path to successful real estate investing.

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