Updated October 2, 2021

Real estate investors have been gathering for years to share insights, assist each other, and work together to promote the industry. Real Estate Investor Associations (REIAs), like NorCalREIA, are a place where these investors and other professionals tend to gather. Here are the basic steps for becoming involved with NorCalREIA in Sacramento, California.

4 Steps for Joining the NorCalREIA

  1. Is NorCalREIA Right for Me?
  2. Contact NorCalREIA
  3. Pay Membership Dues
  4. Attend the Next Meeting

NorCalREIA is the abbreviated version of the Northern California Real Estate Investors Association. This company was incorporated by David Granzella in 2004 under the name Vision Real Estate Solutions, Inc., but is “doing business as” (DBA) Northern California Real Estate Investors Association or NorCalREIA. Members of this investment association include real estate agents, brokers, mortgage lenders, investors, and other related professionals. This investment club offers a range of benefits, such as regular educational events, access to other investors and real estate professionals, monthly meetings, and ongoing networking opportunities.

The NorCalREIA website also includes a variety of information and downloadable resources. Monthly meetings are usually held on the second Wednesday of the month and often include a presentation from guest speakers or members.

4 Steps for Joining the NorCalREIA

1. Is NorCalREIA Right for Me?

When it comes to choosing a local REIA, location is a primary factor to consider. There are many real estate investor associations in California, but most are located in the southern half of the state. The National Real Estate Investors Association (National REIA), which is a national nonprofit with chapters and affiliates across the U.S., has only four chapters and an affiliated organization in California. These are all located in Los Angeles, San Diego, or Santa Barbara, which leaves a large portion of California without easy access to a National REIA affiliated organization.

While not affiliated with the National REIA, NorCalREIA is one of the oldest and most trusted REIAs in Northern California. San Francisco, Sacramento, Fresno, Redding, and many other cities are within range of NorCalREIA. With the closest National REIA affiliated club being 400 miles away in Santa Barbara, the NorCalREIA is the preferred association for real estate investors in the Northern California area.

Real estate professionals who want to connect with others will attend these meetings and there is plenty of time for networking. A single meeting only costs $25 for non-members, so it may be worth your time to try a meeting before purchasing a membership. NorCalREIA can help you build wealth through real estate investing and help you learn about new market opportunities and trends.

2. Contact NorCalREIA

Those interested in a membership with NorCal REIA can contact the current president, David Granzella, at 916-791-8322. You may also use the NorCalREIA website at norcalreia.com to submit a form with your contact info and a message. Or, you can buy an annual membership at one of the monthly meetings. Each meeting costs $25 for non-members. Payments for meetings can also be made through the website using a PayPal account.

If you plan on purchasing a membership at a meeting, you may wish to arrive early. This will allow you time to process any payments and fill out any membership paperwork. Even if you don’t become a member right away, attending a meeting allows you to network with local investors and real estate agents. The educational presentations will provide tips on real estate investing for beginners as well as for experienced investors.

Before committing to any new real estate investments, it may be in your best interest to consult with a professional advisor to review your assets and financial situation. A joint investment plan flipping houses with other local investors may seem like a great idea, but it pays to have a professional double check all the fine print. What happens, for example, if you need to suddenly pull those funds for an emergency? Do you also have the most efficient tax plan possible for your investments? These are important questions to ask your tax attorney.

3. Pay Membership Dues

Many real estate investor clubs charge membership fees as well as possible event fees. NorCal REIA has annual membership rates starting at $200 for a single member. Couples can apply for a joint membership for $350 and save 50 dollars. This investor club offers incentives to members who continue consecutive and uninterrupted membership by giving them discounted rates. Uninterrupted membership rates drop to $170 for a single member and $300 for couples. Depending on your membership needs, the club may possibly negotiate rates for groups. Before paying for an annual membership, it may be best to attend a monthly meeting first. A meeting at NorCalREIA only costs $25 for non-members, which is a great way to try it before fully investing in the club.

4. Attend the Next Meeting

NorCalREIA holds meetings on the second Wednesday of the month. You can check meeting status updates on the NorCalREIA website. Typically, meetings will be held at the Crown Plaza at 5321 Date Ave in Sacramento. Many members arrive at 5:30 pm for an informal “pre-meeting.” A dedicated time for networking with local real estate agents and other professionals and investors typically begins at 6:30 pm. This is followed by a presentation, which can go from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm and may feature a range of guest speakers or members. These presentations are often the key educational aspect REIA meetings, but some clubs tailor their presentations to sell attendees on products and services rather than provide educational material. NorCalREIA then allows another opportunity for networking before concluding the meeting at 10:00 pm.

5. Benefits of Joining the NorCalREIA

There are many benefits to joining an investor association. A real estate investor association is a great way to connect with other investors for your area. These clubs provide an opportunity for networking and support from like-minded individuals and professionals who can assist you in reaching your goals. Some REIAs also offer financial benefits, such as discounts from vendors or suppliers like Home Depot.

The Northern California Real Estate Investors Association covers a large area of northern California, which helps bring together a wide range of real estate professionals. A key benefit of joining NorCalREIA is being able to network with these local professionals on a regular basis. Investor clubs allow the sharing of ideas and help establish goals and best practices for the local industry.

NorCalREIA also offers information and educational material during presentations. These meetings may be attended by real estate agents, brokers, mortgage lenders and underwriters, attorneys, and more. NorCalREIA provides the opportunity to find a real estate investing mentor or support group to help you stay motivated on your real estate goals.

NorCalREIA Annual Events

NorCalREIA holds events every month in Sacramento. Topics include a range of presentations and distinguished speakers from the Bay Area, such as renowned investor, Richard Kelly. Presentations focus on a range of topics, such as multifamily housing, house flipping, tips for landlords, and “How to position your real estate business to take advantage of market transitions.” Often, members are invited to address a panel of local agents, contractors, and investors. This is a great opportunity to raise any complex real estate questions and receive input from experienced professionals.

We strongly advise that you consult with a real estate lawyer prior to making any investment decisions with others in order to best protect your investments and assets.

Northern California Real Estate Investors Association

NorCalREIA stands for the Northern California Real Estate Investors Association. Although it’s not affiliated with the National Real Estate Investors Association, NorCalREIA is a preferred real estate investor club for real estate investors located in Northern California.

REIAs are a great place to meet other real estate investors and real estate professionals who can offer partnership and assistance. NorCalREIA offers educational resources for learning more about investment strategies, such as flipping houses, investing in multifamily rentals, and other forms of commercial real estate investing. California investors, especially those in the Bay Area or Sacramento real estate market, can take advantage of the networking opportunities available at this real estate investment club. Networking at your local REIA meeting can even help you connect with lenders who can help finance your next project.

Real estate investor associations offer many financial benefits, such as receiving special discounts from vendors on products and services. These clubs are also a way to meet future investing partners or mentors who can help guide you and offer advice. Or, you may be able to meet with an expert who can answer some important local real estate questions, like Property Taxes. Networking is one of the main advantages of any REIA, and NorCalREIA sets aside plenty of time for networking and connecting with others at every meeting.

NorCalREIA hosts monthly meetings in Sacramento on the second Wednesday of every month. Meetings can run from 5:30 to 10:00 and include plenty of time for socializing before and after an educational presentation. REIAs also tend to discuss local events, changing markets, financial opportunities, and more. NorCalREIA also has a helpful newsletter and provides downloadable resources on their website.

You can pay annual or one-time membership fees online using PayPal in order to attend a monthly meeting. Each meeting costs $25 for non-members. Annual membership fees can start at $200 for a single member and $350 for couples. Renewals are offered at a reduced rate for those who have uninterrupted membership each month. The reduced rate is $170 for a single member and $300 for couples. Investors living in or around Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area may benefit from attending these local REIA meetings. You can become a member online by registering for your first meeting or by contacting the club directly.

Before acting on any advice or partnering with other lenders and investors, consult with an experienced and professional attorney or law firm for assistance analyzing your assets and finances. Contact Anderson Advisors today for help reaching your financial goals, including asset protection, retirement planning, and strategies to minimize your tax liability.

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