This is the least understood topic among nonprofits, but it may be the most important. The Public Support Test determines your nonprofit status.

In the simplest terms, at least 33.3% of donations must be given by donors who give less than 2% of the nonprofit’s overall donations. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry. This short online webinar will explain it all.

And if it sounds too simple, be aware that the Public Support Test is actually more complicated than it appears. Again, don’t worry. You will have a full understanding of how this works and how you can keep from losing your public charity status based on this complicated IRS rule.

The IRS makes keeping your 501(c)(3) complicated, but we will explain it in easy-to-understand language. After participating in this webinar, you will fully understand what the IRS expects of you for the Public Support Test and how you can pass it every year.

What you’ll learn: 

  • What subcategories of 501(c)(3) are subject to the Public Support Test
  • What will the IRS do if you FAIL the test
  • What exceptions to this IRS rule apply to you

You should attend this FREE online event if…

  • You are an Anderson client with a nonprofit entity
  • You want to maintain your public charity status
  • You are NOT sure if you could pass the Public Support Test based on the 2% limit
  • You may have too much money coming in from too few donors and want to know what to do about it
  • You want to know if there are any alternatives in meeting the Public Support Test
  • You don’t want to be reclassified as a Private Foundation
  • Your nonprofit is classified under one of the following subcategories:
    • 509(a)(1)
    • 509(a)(2)

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