You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” For real estate investors, stock traders, and small business owners, this expression holds true.

No one wants to lose everything they’ve worked so hard for because of one frivolous lawsuit. No one wants to pay more taxes than they have to. No one wants to work hard for years and have little to show for it. It’s critical that you develop a workable plan as soon as possible. 

Your assets are precious. Protecting them from excessive taxes and lawsuits is one of the most important business decisions you’ll ever make. You’ve come to the right place — the Tax & Asset Protection Workshop is designed to do just that.

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Tax & Asset Protection Workshop

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Who Should Attend the Tax and Asset Protection Workshop?

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out in business or investing, haven’t started yet, or have been doing this for decades. You’re guaranteed to walk away with the same real-life strategies and techniques the most successful real estate investors and business owners are using RIGHT NOW — that you’ve never heard of or even thought about before — that you can implement into your own plan immediately.

What you’ll learn at this FREE online event: 

  • How to operate your investing or business without bringing on personal liability.
  • Keep more of what you earn as you learn the top 20 tax strategies our clients use to save on average over $13k in taxes.
  • Learn over 15 strategies to build a fortress around your life and assets.
  • How to harness the Tax Code to create a tax-free retirement and put your IRA and 401(k) to use in ways no one ever talks about.
  • How to pass on your efforts to future generations to avoid taxes and create a legacy is the culmination of a life’s work.
  • How to create a business structure that will work for and not against you.

What attendees say about the Tax and Asset Protection Workshop:

  • “I would highly recommend that you come. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, full-time real estate investor, or part-time investor, this information is so valuable. Anderson really did a great job and I’m so thankful.” ~ Shirley R.
  • The workshop is jam-packed with the information that I’ve been able to use and apply to my business for asset planning strategies, and for tax planning strategies.” ~ Brian L.
  • I’m very excited to learn more and get my business structure set up in such a way that I’m protecting myself and my assets to leave something to my grandchildren.” ~ Michael G.

To learn more about what attendees are saying about our events, please visit our Client Reviews page.

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Anderson Advisors is a business planning and asset preservation consulting firm that provides high-quality services, education, and resources to high-net worth individuals, families, trusts, real estate investors, stock traders, and business owners.

Tax & Asset Protection Workshop

Learn about Real Estate & Asset Protection at our next