For Anderson Platinum and entity clients, the Structure and Implementation Series is led by one of Anderson Advisors partners Michael Bowman, Esq. as well as other nationally-renowned expert attorneys and bookkeepers.

It was designed for investors, real estate professionals, entrepreneurs, stock traders, and Anderson Advisors financially-savvy clients who want to own their wealth-building process and accelerate the path to their goals.

“The Structure Implementation Series has been a vital addition to the Anderson Educational Series. This series has enabled our clients to maximize their business structure for greater asset protection and tax savings,” says Michael Bowman, Esq.

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During this 3-part Structure Implementation Series, we’ll…

  • Help you understand how your structure works and what you need to do to stay compliant.
  • Show you critical yet easy-to-do bookkeeping tips and how it helps you at tax time.
  • Conduct a checkup of your LLC and other entities (like a living trust).

What you’ll learn: 

  • A broad, comprehensive understanding of how to make your structure work for you.
  • Tips and tricks for ensuring you stay in compliance both from a legal and a tax perspective.
  • Making sure you’ve checked all the boxes by covering everything you need to know about creating and leveraging your structure to protect all sides of your business. 
  • Learn how your structure can allow you to keep more of your money in your pocket vs. paying it to Uncle Sam.
  • What is an estate plan and why is it so vital to your structure and goals.
  • Retirement planning and ways to cultivate tax-free retirement.

What attendees say about the Structure & Implementation Series:

  • “Over the past two days, I’ve learned quite a bit about land trusts and living trusts and found value in them both. Our involvement with Anderson is new and we are very pleased so far with the services provided. We have Platinum membership and it’s been beneficial from the start.” ~ Courtney A.
  • “I’m attending the Structure Implementation Workshop and  I’m super excited! I knew a little bit about how to optimize and set up structures like LLCs, C corporations, and land trusts, but I wasn’t sure about which ones to use and when. Like how to take deductions, how to do write-offs, exactly how to account for things — going to this workshop has definitely been eye-opening for me.” ~ Benjamin T.
  • “I wanted to attend the SIS series to learn how to put our businesses together in a much more effective manner. So far, the workshop has just been really awesome. We’ve gotten so much information to help us make better decisions, be smart with our money and protect our assets. We are making new connections and new friends in this community that we would not have been exposed to without coming to an event like this. Anderson is awesome at teaching, educating, and helping us understand the laws and their services and how we can make the best choices as a team to protect our assets and grow our wealth.” ~ Carl & Christien G.
  • “I wish I took this class way before starting my real estate business. Anderson Business Advisors taught me that setting up an LLC is not the final answer, but understanding how to structure your business the correct way is the real success.” ~ Naya Z.

To learn more about what attendees are saying about building business structures for better asset protection, please visit our Client Reviews page.

Structure Implementation Series

Register for an upcoming Structure Implementation Workshop today to discover the best strategies to keep your entity compliant.

Please note: This seminar is reserved for current Anderson clients who are active Platinum members or entity clients.