Why should you be using an LLC for your Real Estate investments? Because there are too many lawyers out there looking to take what you have and put your rental properties at risk. Do you know what one of the easiest ways lawyers can find potential victims? They search for investors who hold assets in their own name.

If you’re a real estate investor who’s holding rental properties under your own name; you better hope that there’s never any accident or problem that leaves you open to liability and legal action. 

When an incident does occur and someone wants to sue you, the first thing his lawyer will do is look up your name in public records. Once those properties show up in that search, you can kiss any hope of a quick settlement goodbye. The nightmare of a drawn out and costly lawsuit begins. You can easily avoid this happening to you by structuring your properties with real estate LLCs.

If done correctly, any lawyer or creditor investigating you won’t know that you own properties or a business, while you remain in full control. How do you do it? In short – set up real estate LLCs and choose an anonymity compliant jurisdiction.

In the video below, Anderson partner and nationally-recognized real estate asset protection expert Clint Coons discusses not only the value of rental real estate LLCs but how to create an anonymity shield with them to protect yourself and your properties.

You still remain in control, but on paper, you don’t appear to own them. No one but you will know if done correctly.

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