If you’re a real estate investor who isn’t working with land trusts already, then you’re missing out. They have multiple benefits you can take advantage of every day.

For example, you’re an investor with a mortgaged property. If you want to transfer that property’s title into an LLC, your lender could trigger the due-on-sale clause, meaning they immediately demand full payment of the loan’s balance before allowing that title transfer. A land trust can help make that transfer without triggering the payment demand. That’s only ONE benefit.

In the following video, Anderson partner Clint Coons discusses the land trust’s historical background and how they can benefit you:

  • A Brief History of Land Trusts and Why They Exist
  • How Land Trusts Work Today in Real Estate
  • Which States Formally Recognize Them in State Law
  • Parties Involved in Land Trusts and Their Roles
  • How Land Trusts Can Aid Purchasing Property and Ownership

Clint pays special attention, for example, to the difference between the various parties involved in a land trust. The distinction between what parties are legally allowed to do is often muddy.

For instance, Clint clarifies whether or not a trustee you are using can sell your property without prior consent. It’s a common question that we often hear from investors not familiar with land trusts; Clint explains it here once and for all. That’s only one example. Click on the link below to learn the rest now.

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Anderson’s Land Trust Kit provides the training, the expert tips, the support documents, and the clarity you need to confidently and correctly set up your land trust. Land trusts are an invaluable tool in any savvy investor’s toolbox.

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