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Tax Tuesdays Episode 87: Paying Family


Toby Mathis and Jeff Webb of Anderson Advisors encourage you to look at taxes as something that’s enjoyable because it’s a very rewarding subject. Learn how to use tax laws to your advantage and put money in your pockets. Do you have a tax question? Submit it to taxtuesday@andersonadvisors.


  • What happens if I forget to submit Form 8606? You don’t have to file a return if you let the IRS know there’s something you put in, but you are not taking a tax deduction for it
  • What principle assets should I use for my LLC, if I work from home? Depends on where you set up the LLC; a physical address, but not your home address, as principal address
  • Can paying my minor kids for their work in my business offset taxes? Yes, if they do something of value; shift money from a higher bracket to someone in a lower bracket
  • How can we pay kids? Is there a limit? If you’re a sole proprietor, you don’t have to put them through payroll; if you’re anything else, you do put them on the payroll
  • Can I pay my parents for babysitting? Yes, but you’re not going to write that off because it’s not an expense
  • Do I have to file tax through each state where I own a rental property? If you’re making money in a state, you must report that income somewhere
  • Can a self-directed 401(k) invest in an opportunity property? Self-directed IRA means you don’t have to have a custodian; you can be your own administrator or trustee
  • Can I invest in opportunity property? Yes. Opportunities zones and opportunity funds get the tax exemption; you can invest in those areas and defer capital gains
  • What documents need to be filed for a C Corp? Depends if you’re filing it with the state, then there’s three areas to be aware of: State, third parties, and federal government
  • Do you need a real estate license to be considered a real estate professional? No.
  • What is a good IRA platform to use, has the lowest fees? IRA Club
  • Is partnership income in an IRA required to be income taxed? No. An IRA owning a partnership doesn’t pay tax on that income
  • Do you lose long-term capital gains being a real estate professional? No. Capital gains are capital gains; you don’t lose them because the losses aren’t considered passive
  • Do kids pay FICA taxes? If it’s payroll, yes; they’re not going to pay on employment taxes
  • What are the main tax advantages of a C Corp? Separate tax bracket and fringe benefits that are not taxable to you and not available through others
  • I have a home office in the basement. Is that basement going to be deducted? Yes, if you’re a sole proprietor; have an accountable plan and reimburse yourself by determining how much square feet of the house you’re using
  • I formed a single-member LLC. What tax form do I report? You don’t; it’s disregarded
  • What’s the best bookkeeping system for real estate investors and financial services corps? QuickBooks

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