Clint Coons, Esq.

Attorney, Author & Real Estate Asset Protection Expert

Clint Coons is a licensed attorney, active Real Estate Investor, successful entrepreneur, and published author who specializes in Asset Protection and Business Planning. Clint shares his knowledge and strategies at seminars nationwide with Real Estate Investors, Stock Traders, and small business owners. He is nationally recognized for his ability to take complicated laws or structures and explain them in crystal clear form. He helps his client’s protect their investments through his innovative and dynamic approach to Asset Management.

As one of the founding partners of Anderson Law Group, Clint has grown his legal and tax firm to over 400 employees by assisting real estate investors with creating and implementing solid entity structuring plans. His success in these regards is in large part due to his personal investing experience. Taking what he learned growing up in a real estate family, Clint has acquired over 100 properties, from small single family homes to commercial buildings. A prolific writer and educator, Clint has published hundreds of articles, videos, and workbooks on the subjects of real estate investing and asset protection, including his most recent book Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors. Using real-life examples and his personal experiences, Clint knows what really works in investing and what to avoid. A successful attorney, real estate investor, and speaker, Clint has used his innovative and dynamic strategies coupled with knowledge borne from experience to help thousands of people save millions of dollars and build real wealth.

“A big part of succeeding in Real Estate is just assembling the right team around you” ~ Clint Coons

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If you’re an investor or business owner looking for a basic understanding of how to protect your real estate, business, and personal assets, this event will cover everything you need to know about asset protection and tax savings.

Clint wrote the book on asset protection for real estate investors. Literally

He’s an attorney, a successful real estate investor, one of the founding partners of Anderson Business Advisors, and a speaker with a goal to share his knowledge and education with other investors so EVERYONE WINS

Next Level Real Estate Asset Protection: Comprehensive Strategies for Investors” is your concise playbook for building your very own passive-income empire to millionaire wealth.

Good real estate investing advice isn’t easy to find. It seems everyone in the real estate game is playing an angle. Not that people are dishonest, necessarily, but they may see things from their limited perspective and experience.

CPAs look at investments from a tax-advantaged perspective. Attorneys are all about asset protection. And all those online coaches, financial advisors, and “entity mills” just want to sell you their products.

But most of them are not actual investors.

Practical Advice from Someone Doing It
Possibly the most valuable real estate book I own

I am more then impressed by the depth and clarity of the information.
Thank you to Zack Childress for telling me about Anderson Business Advisors. Also a big thank you to Clint Coons for breaking everything down in the training Youtube Videos! I learned more from Clint in those short training videos about setting up my business in the proper structure then I had learned in all my business experiences up to now. Thanks again Clint Coons.

Charles S

I just want to thank the Anderson Group for their help with our taxes this year.  When we hired you to do our tax returns, I had no idea how good of a job they would do. After a few phone calls and some scanning of our documents they had saved my wife and I around $8,000.00 in tax savings. Which was a huge savings and a big relief and a step in the right direction for us. Thank You again for your help Clint.

Dave R

Clint Coons is one of the kindest and most gentle human beings you can ever meet. I wouldn’t want to go against him in court, that’s why I want him on my team. As a Platinum member of Anderson Business Services, their team is attentive, responsive, and dedicated to providing service. They are a reflection of Clint’s intelligence and wisdom.

Dorothy M

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