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Tax Tuesday Episode 120: 401K

It’s the middle of a sweltering summer and the July 15 deadline to pay your income taxes is fast approaching. Don’t worry because Toby Mathis and Jeff Webb of Anderson Advisors offer a bevy of knowledge to avoid getting burned. Do you have a tax question? Submit it to taxtuesday@andersonadvisors.


  • What is the most tax-efficient way for 401(k) to Roth 401(k) conversion? Entire amount does not need to be converted in one year, or you’ll take a major tax hit 
  • How do I start a real estate business with income from our current businesses? Is this possible? Yes, pull money out of businesses to establish new real estate entity
  • How do I elect trader status? State that you are a trader or select mark-to-market election method of accounting for securities traders
  • How can I identify tax breaks at certain income levels? If your income is below the $100,000 threshold, use standard deduction, IRAs, and more to not pay any or much tax  
  • What is the easiest or best accounting software to keep up with your business expense and get the best tax reductions? Most prevalent software used for accounting and bookkeeping services is QuickBooks  

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