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Tax Tuesdays
Which Business Structure is Best for Real Estate Agents

Toby Mathis and Jeff Webb of Anderson Advisors answer your tax questions, including which business structure is best for real estate agents. Submit your tax question to taxtuesday@andersonadvisors.


  • What is the 1031 exchange? How is it used and is there any concern that it may go away? Section 1031 allows you to sell an investment property through a qualified intermediary (QI) and then replace that property; there’s no logical reason for the 1031 exchange to go away because it is a tax deferral not a tax avoidance technique
  • As a new wholesaler, what is the best way to set up my business structure? Through a corporation because a wholesaler is somebody that gets a property under contract and then sells the contract with a right to close on that property
  • How does the tax work on rent-to-own? The non-refundable deposit, monthly cash flow, and the backend? IRS views non-refundable deposit as a lease-purchase option or sale

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1031 Exchange

Step-Up in Basis

Entity Formation

Bonus Depreciation

Depreciation Recapture

Capital Gains and Losses

Section 121 – Capital Gains Exclusion

Real Estate Professional Requirements

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