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Clint Coons
This Mid-Term Rental Strategy Will CHANGE Real Estate Investing Forever

Want to invest in real estate, but don’t know how to pick the best city to invest in? Mid-term rentals might be your option. Join Clint Coons, Esq. and Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh as they discuss the secrets of maximizing mid-term rentals that can generate up to $60,000 a year. Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh of Short Term Gems to help us explore the benefits of this strategy and its potential for a wide range of investors in the real estate market.


  • Gainsborough’s background
  • Why start with short-term rentals?
  • The luxury niche and mid-term rentals
  • What standard “luxury” means in rentals today
  • Competing with REITs
  • Your avatar/customer dictates what properties you should invest in
  • Serving large families for both vacations/displaced
  • Allowing pets increased revenue by 30%
  • Most displaced families want to stay near their work/school
  • Where to list mid-term rentals
  • How does the revenue/ROI/amount of effort compare – short vs. mid vs. long
  • How to access training in Dr. Rachel’s methods


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Full Episode Transcript:

Clint: What’s up, guys? Hey, it’s Clint Coons here. In this video, we are going to talk about mid-term rentals. You’re going to learn how you can take a normal property, and you can generate $30,000, $40,000 $50,000, $60,000 a year renting it out and what the tricks are, and how you can go out there and find these tenants, people who are displaced because maybe a man-made disaster or a natural disaster.

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