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How Government Restrictions Can Kill Your Business (Real Life Example)

Is it possible for government restrictions to kill your business?

In this episode, Toby Mathis, Esq, of Anderson Business Advisors welcomes entrepreneur Lars Jacobson, who purchased an entire town called Jake’s Landing right on the Canadian border. Lars shares his story of how border shutdowns, Covid restrictions, and lack of promised support from the US government have nearly killed the town’s business (and are still being enforced!). Canadians were accustomed to driving just minutes over the US border for cheaper gas, convenient shopping, and for dining and entertainment at the area’s casino. Tune in to hear this real-life story of government restrictions almost wiping out an entire town’s economy. Donate to help this town recover by clicking the Venmo link in the resources section.


  • Buying a town- it was a calling from God
  • Jake’s Landing and its businesses
  • Charging less for goods and services in town – serving Canadians
  • Border closing for Covid – it hit the town hard
  • Unable to get SBA supplemental support
  • Ridiculous Covid restrictions that have not been lifted at the border
  • Business has only recovered 30% of the previous levels
  • News coverage and meetings with local politicians have not helped
  • The US is still handcuffing our own citizens with outmoded Covid restrictions that are killing small businesses


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Full Episode Transcript:

Toby: Hey, guys. It’s Toby Mathis here with the Anderson Business Advisors podcast. Today I am joined by Lars Jacobson, a person I’ve known for decades now since we first started talking. I want to get an update on Lars. Lars, you and I did a podcast probably two or three years ago now.

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