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Toby Mathis
How Fractional CFOs are Boosting Real Estate Profits!

Is it possible for real estate investors to increase their profits with a fractional CFO? The answer is yes. Fractional CFOs can significantly reduce risk and increase profit margins for real estate investors in a number of ways. What is a fractional CFO? The CFO is the Chief Financial Officer and fractional means part-time. A Fractional CFO is a way to utilize the CFO’s skills at a fraction of the full CFO price tag.

In this episode, Toby Mathis, Esq. welcomes David Richter, Founder and Owner of SimpleCFO. David empowers business owners to make more profit and live life on their terms with the SimpleCFO Fractional CFO program. He is also the author of “Profit First for Real Estate Investing.” Toby and David discuss the benefits of incorporating a CFO into your real estate investing business. David has an interesting range of solutions that will help investors increase their business revenue, owner’s pay, cash reserves, and more!


  • David’s background as an investor, and starting a fractional CFO
  • What a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) does
  • 3 reasons investors need these services
  • The “hope and pray plan” and comparison system
  • Making money is easy – what to do next is the hard part
  • Profit first, allocating bank accounts for taxes, etc.
  • Sales – Profit = Expenses with the Profit First system
  • Getting clarity around how much you actually need to keep
  • SimpleCFO’s structure and meeting schedule with clients
  • At what point should you get in touch with SimpleCFO? Click the link below


Download the FULL Ebook of Profit First For Real Estate Investing

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