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Would you rather spend money on a Lamborghini, mansion, and jet, or make more money for non-profit ventures? Sometimes, something outside of ourselves drives us to do amazing things for other people.Today, Toby Mathis of Anderson Business Advisors talks to Bryan Canter, an experienced investor turned active trader. He has spent the past seven years developing his trading education through several training programs. 


  • What prompted Bryan to get into trading? Interest in non-profit side that needed funding by leveraging existing job and money
  • What’s Bryan’s level of involvement? Expected 8 hours a day for 4-5 years of education to reach expert level to dedicate 1 hour a day for market assessment and set up trades
  • How and where did Bryan start? Introduction to trading stocks and options at David Mitchell’s trading education company called, Neuventure, now named TRADEway
  • What were Bryan’s results? Lost money, but not because of the system; 5% of traders are successful, and 95% of traders lose money
  • Is Bryan making money now? Yes, by primarily trading in futures markets
  • What’s Bryan’s advice for others? Find platforms that give you the ability to paper trade
  • What are naked calls and naked puts? If selling naked puts, you don’t own the company, but someone can make you buy it at a certain price
  • Did Bryan get free money and sell a put (you get money, and you get to keep it)? Two strategies: Sell naked puts on stocks and crude oil futures
  • What’s the percentage loss that Bryan’s willing to take? 25% loss on selling puts, but usually gets 10% gains
  • What’s the difference between investing and trading? In real estate, investing is owning rental real estate, and trading is buying something (i.e., fix-and-flips)
  • What’s the purpose of options? Acts as insurance because prices of options fluctuate with market volatility and a decrease in value over time
  • What makes a successful trader? Recognize the need and commit time for college-level education, and find mentor assess trades with people
  • What’s Bryan actually trading? Follows trend trading strategy, but not trying to pick the top or bottom, but 60-70% of the middle
  • Why does Bryan like futures over stocks? Fair growth stocks can be Ponzi scheme if they’re not paying a dividend; futures contract usually goes against some kind of commodity
  • What is Bryan’s advice for future investors about stock vs. futures markets? Put every penny you can into investing in high-quality dividend-paying stocks


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Toby: Hey guys, this is Toby Mathis with the Anderson Business Advisors Podcast. Today, I have an interesting gentleman, Bryan Canter, who comes to us from the lovely state of Colorado. I asked him on, for the reason of his experience and going through a lot of different training programs in being a very, very active investor. First off, welcome Bryan.

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