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Tax Tuesday Episode 127: Cryptocurrency

In case you missed it, Oct. 15 was another tax deadline. However, you still have some time to decide who you want to vote for in the upcoming presidential election: Donald Trump or Joe Biden? Toby Mathis of Anderson Advisors answers your tax questions about the impact of their proposed tax plans. Do you have a tax question? Submit it to taxtuesday@andersonadvisors.


  • What are the differences between Donald Trump’s and Joe Biden’s proposed tax plans?
    • Individual Rates: Trump to lower middle rates; Biden to increase top-bracket rates
    • Corporate Rates: Trump wants 21%; Biden wants 28%
    • Dividends: Trump wants 0, 15, 23.8%; Biden wants 0, 15, 23.8, 43.4%
    • Credits: Biden wants to increase child credits to give families more money
    • Payroll Taxes: Trump to forgive OADSI; Biden to add OADSI
    • Estate Taxes: Trump to keep TCJA; Biden to expire it with no step up
    • Itemized Deductions: Trump to remove miscellaneous itemized deductions; Biden to reset deductions and add SALT
  • What are actions that you may want to take in 2020/2021 considering Trump’s vs. Biden’s proposed tax plans?
    • Gain Harvesting
    • Roth Conversion
    • 100% AGI
    • Carryforward NOLs
    • Wait on Harvesting Losses
    • Gifting

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Full Episode Transcript:

Hey, guys. This is Toby Mathis. You can see my buddy Jeff there; he’s not doing so good. He’s up against the tax deadline, so I’m just trying to give you guys the visual depiction of what he looks like right now. Looks like not so good. Actually, this isn’t entirely accurate. I got to give him a little bit of drool. This is what happens to all the accountants around tax time.

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