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Michael Bowman
Navigating Coronavirus Real Estate Pitfalls & Finding Opportunities

How can you prepare for present and future real estate investment opportunities? Today, Michael Bowman of Anderson Business Advisors and Bowman’s Business Brief talks to Aaron Adams, CEO of Alpine Property Management and Alpine Capital Solutions. Aaron shares statistics and insights on getting good deals during economic ups and downs. 


  • What’s the starting point to conduct macroeconomic research and evaluate real estate markets? Harvard University’s Center for Housing Studies Website
  • What are counterintuitive things about the current economic state? Nobody knows how housing market will be impacted by Stock Market, Silver Tsunami, and other factors
  • What are current risks regarding real estate? Mortgages, unemployment rate, property tax increases, and over-abundance of housing 
  • What’s different this time compared to the 2008 real estate market crash? No subprime mortgages, housing shortage, and lower vacancy rates 
  • How, when, and why reallocate retirement? Get financial house in order for opportunities and to address competition
  • Is leverage the way to go? Leverage is a tool that shouldn’t be overused
  • What are proactive tenant strategies? Educate, communicate, and waive fees


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Full Episode Transcript

Michael: All right, welcome everybody. This is Michael Bowman. I’m a partner with the Anderson Business Advisors. I’ve been getting a lot of questions. In fact, all of the Anderson’s have been getting a lot of questions from our clients saying, “Hey, how do we go ahead and prepare ourselves for any investment opportunities? What should we do currently for our tenants? How should we react to some of the downturns?” and a bunch of other questions regarding real estate and investing. I looked in my Rolodex and I said, “Who knows the business inside and out? Who have I seen go through downturns, upturns, and come out on top?” Aaron Adams (without applying) came in my mind, so I called there and then asked him if he would be willing to come in and share some insight with our clients, and he agreed to. The good thing about Aaron, I’ve known him for over a decade and he’s always been a solid point in my life, and also a good friend, and I trust him. I’m excited to hear what he has to say and give you guys some insight. Welcome, Aaron Adams.

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