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MLS Investor Deal Breakthroughs

Where can you find good deals? It’s getting harder to do because investors compete for the same properties. If a property is on MLS for more than five days, it’s not a deal. Today, Clint Coons of Anderson Business Advisors talks to Keith Aichele of Keith is a real estate investor who has sold more than 1,200 deals and found a way to make a profit from MLS properties. Keith’s upstream investing system finds deals, beats the competition, and takes investing to the next level. 


  • What opportunities are real estate investors missing, and why? People aren’t looking at available opportunities and need help/guidance
  • What are Keith’s investing strategies? Real estate investors are marketers who need to market their business and structure financing
  • How does Keith find deals and buy MLS properties? Access to lists of foreclosed and auction properties—MLS is full of these types of properties
  • What happens when you’re not even competing with the people downstream? They’re not on the ‘no default’ list
  • How does Keith differentiate himself from other people who inundate the market? Focus on marketing, be where the competition’s not, and create relationships with sellers
  • When and why do sellers get distressed? Most markets have more than 9,000 properties on the market for more than 90 days; Keith makes offers before distress sets in
  • What is Subject To Investing? Is it equity stealing? Buying and creating pretty homes and decorating them is not that easy to do, and ‘Subject To’ goes over people’s heads
  • What is a Contract for Deeds?  When you work with a seller, they may not need to sell and get all their cash out of the property
  • What are ‘Subject To’ risks? Property drains cash flow out of your bank account; don’t go into foreclosure and destroy your credit
  • What is FSBOVault’s predictive behavior process? Search for stale listings, seller’s mindset shift, and reduced listing price 
  • How can you prevent the realtor from ruining a deal? Get the realtor on your side; it’s in their best interest to not lose the listing
  • What’s’s Guaranteed Offer Platform? Investors leverage the platform to make multiple and full-price offers on properties guaranteed within 1-7 days
  • What multiple options does Keith tend to give sellers? Full-price offer with caveats or serve as a backup buyer 
  • Why look at foreclosure lists? All properties going to foreclosure, auction, or share of the sale are missed opportunities by investors
  • When investors buy properties ‘Subject To,’ are they taking over the seller’s mortgage? No, they’re paying the mortgage to keep it current
  • What does teach investors to help people earlier upstream to avoid foreclosures and auctions? Don’t focus on properties; focus on sellers and people


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Clint: Welcome everyone. Hi, it’s Clint Coons here with Anderson Business Advisors. This is another edition of our podcast. On this podcast, I have with me someone who I’ve known for several years who is a real estate investor. This individual sold over 1200 deals and he’s been investing for 20 years. We actually bring with you in this podcast today, real-world experience.

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