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Anderson Business Advisors Podcast
Identifying Real Estate Potential with Jamil Damji

Do you know how to invest in real estate, evaluate property, and spot potential? Learn how to wholesale, invest, and change your life for the better. Once you can understand value, you can create enormous amounts of wealth.

Today, Clint Coons of Anderson Business Advisors talks to Jamil Damji, an internationally known real estate investing/wholesaling expert, about identifying real estate potential.

Jamil is known as the “Wholesale Genie” and hosts Triple Digit Flip on A&E. Also, Jamil is a co-founder of KeyGlee, the #1 wholesale company in the world with more than 180 current franchises. He teaches students around the world with his mentorship program, AstroFlipping, where students constantly crush their goals and find financial freedom.


  • Triple Digit Flip: Dives into and pulls back the curtain on real estate businesses
  • KeyGlee: Nationwide wholesale operation that’s franchised across the country
  • How to Find Properties: Door knocking, driving around, and developing relationships
  • Decision-Making Process: Break down reasons to wholesale or fix and flip properties
  • Property Assets: Can people see where the value is? Can they be taught to do that?.
  • Asset Classes: Working-class neighborhoods to luxury flips (value-add opportunities)
  • Nationwide Buyers List: Nearly half a million people and growing every single day
  • Inflation: Cost of living in a world (and specific locations) that is out of control
  • Private Equity Companies: Unprecedented new form of demand in real estate market
  • Cyclical Market: Interest rates, demand, and global socio-political things drive pressure
  • Natural Human Behavior: People either jump into the market or relax out of the market
  • Trends: Profit from buying properties for yourself and others that make huge profits
  • Housing Piece: Need cash in an investment vehicle that’s protected against inflation
  • Patterns: Look for activity to determine whether to buy or sell property from somebody
  • Skip Tracing: Available resources to find contact information for a homeowner or LLC
  • How to Comp Properties: Don’t take somebody’s word on how much something is worth
  • Common Criteria: When appraising houses – don’t leave subdivision without viable comp


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Clint: Hey, guys. It’s Clint Coons here and I’m in a different studio. I’m working from home today, but it’s a Saturday. In order to get this to come together with my guest, it had to be on a Saturday because he’s got a brand new show out on A&E and he’s really busy on the filming side, plus he runs multiple companies.

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