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How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing (Network to Find Deals)

There is no greater path to wealth for you and your future generations than through real estate, but the biggest challenge is getting started on that journey.

Today, Clint Coons of Anderson Business Advisors talks to Brett Hadley about how to get started in real estate investing and the need to network to find deals.

Brett started at ground level with nothing and built up his investing into multifamily and syndications. He explains what that journey was like for him, how the market looks right now, and what he did. Brett offers insight on what you should focus on, putting teams together, and how to approach real estate investing.


  • Brett’s Backstory: Where he came from and what it took to buy his first house
  • Biggest Mistake: Getting in the game before getting educated first and foremost
  • Lesson Learned: Value of investing in yourself via education is extremely important
  • Anderson Advisory Group: Guides, leads, and establishes asset protection to grow
  • Accelerators and Masterminds: Network enables ability to execute vast amounts of deals
  • Start Small: You can have capital to execute a deal and go in and do what you promised
  • Real estate is real estate—understand the basics and the foundations to build a house
  • Changing Minds: Show people results from hard work, dedication, and ability to execute
  • Like-minded People: Portfolio grows faster with those who know more than you that help
  • Yin and Yang: Partnership is a marriage; be careful who you partner with and can trust
  • Team Effort: Get experienced people who have done it, been there, and closed deals
  • Preferential Treatment? Build relationships to benefit from network and close deals
  • Finish Line: Find a great deal, know it’s going to cost you, and be able to execute/close
  • Current Market: Find area with tailwinds—it’s going to be a competitive environment


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Full Episode Transcript:

Clint: What’s up, guys? Hey, it’s Clint Coons here. In this episode, I wanted to go completely off script and talk about something that is so different than what we normally do here on my channel with asset protection, tax planning, and talking about various ways of house hacking or whatever strategies we’re discussing as far as investing goes.

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