What does a registered agent do?

Carl Zoellner, Esq. explains the purpose of a registered agent.


Here’s a highly Googleable subject- 

Registered Agent. 

What does a Registered Agent Do? 

A registered agent is an important part of any business, and It’s one of the items that gets listed publicly with the Secretary of State. 

Basically, it provides the contact information and addresses for you to be served, should you need to or should somebody need to file a lawsuit against your business. 

So, when we put together a registered agent service, which by the way, if you didn’t know, Anderson is a registered agent nationwide. 

But if your company is to get sued, the registered agent is who they go to serve that company. Now, some of you may ask, “What’s the implication of that?” 

One of the biggest mistakes we see consistently from many of our clients is serving as their own registered agent. If you’re going for the idea of having some anonymity, usually putting your name and your address as a registered agent is a bad policy and not the best practice. 

We always consider it whether you’re using us or not. We’d always suggest that you use a third-party registered agent to serve in that position because it is on public record. 

The other important thing to consider along with the registered agent is the requirement that you must carry normal business hours. If you’re being sued or trying to be served and they’re unable to serve you, you can run into some different issues that can cause further problems along with that litigation process. 

The Takeaway 

Remember, it’s required to have a registered agent, either you or someone else, and the reason you’d want to use someone that’s not you is to remain anonymous and protected from potential lawsuits. 

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