Here’s how international conflicts impacted our market position…

In this episode of Coffee with Carl, attorney Carl Zoellner summarizes his market position and how it’s doing given the current state of the economy.

Look, it might not be Game of Thrones, but watching profit rise is binge worthy. 


Here’s the next episode (figuratively speaking) on my AT&T stock. 

Currently, I’m holding a thousand shares of AT&T stock. Since we’ve done that transaction, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has kicked off and it’s given us a real time example of why Infinity Investing methods are so effective. 

Right now, I’m holding the stock. 

I haven’t found a great opportunity to hop back in and write a call against it yet– but either way, I’ll be holding the stock and I’ll also be collecting the dividend along the way. 

Let’s rewind real quick. 

Top of the timeline was basically after my last video, I did collect the premium for the option because I bought it by the Ex-dividend Date. 

I think it was something like 400 dollars. 

That was credited to my account and now I’m holding it waiting for an opportunity to write some calls against it– and quite frankly, I can hold it indefinitely if I’d like to continue collecting the dividend off of it quarterly (something worth considering). 

It’d be like cutting the dividend in half, which would take it from roughly 8% down to 4%, which is still a reasonable and good dividend. 

But for right now, I’m sitting in a holding pattern. 

I’ll be collecting a dividend and sort of holding the stock and waiting for it to appreciate. Nice thing is– I guess it’s sort of a weird way to put it, but nice thing is on this one, It’s great that I’m actually getting to take advantage of our inflation because if inflation keeps going up, the dollar will be worth less and that’s beneficial to this strategy. 

In summary, we’re kind of in a holding pattern. I did collect a dividend at the 8% and we’ll have to see– moving forward what happens, as there could be changes or I may make calls, or adapt my strategies depending on market conditions. 

But from when I first got into the stock, I already factored a bit of this unpredictability and I think it’s a good stock to hold. 

So I’m actually okay if I need to hold it or we’ll end up holding it for even several years if need be in collecting that dividend along the way. 

Thank you as always for joining me in this episode of Coffee With Carl. 

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