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Toby Mathis
Why You Shouldn't Listen To Gurus And Quit Your Job

In this episode, Toby Mathis, Esq. speaks with Carl Zoellner, Esq. Managing Attorney at Anderson, to debunk the myth of quitting your job as a means to achieving financial success. They discuss the importance of maintaining a consistent lifestyle and leveraging a good-paying job in order to invest in passive income. The conversation also touches on the potential dangers of following ‘guru’ advice and how to find your passion while focusing on its economic benefits.

Carl and Toby emphasize the significance of channeling your energy into something that can eventually replace your current income while still enjoying the perks of a stable job. They also discuss the concept of tax breaks and how they can play a crucial role in your financial planning journey. Tune in for an insightful conversation on leveraging your employment for long-term financial stability and building a solid financial foundation without quitting your job.


  • Debunking guru advice to quit jobs for a better lifestyle
  • Importance of maintaining a consistent, comfortable lifestyle
  • Dangers of following unproven investment advice
  • Leveraging a good paying job to invest in passive income
  • Understanding hype versus logic in investing
  • Emphasizing the role of passion in financial success
  • Importance of living below one’s means
  • Transitioning from active to passive income sources
  • Creative financing deals in real estate
  • Staying the course with investment fundamentals
  • Balancing passion, skill, and economic benefit
  • Importance of patience in investing


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Full Episode Transcript: 

Toby: Hey, guys. Toby Mathis here with the Anderson Business Advisors Podcast. I have Carl Zoellner on, one of our attorneys. We’re going to explore a little bit into the concept of this idea of what you often times see. These gurus are out there telling you how easy it is to make money, and then you can leave your job, leave your jail behind, take it to the man, or whatever they’re going to be doing. First off, Carl, welcome.

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