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Clint Coons
Tiny Home Investing: Uncover The Secret To Making BIG Profits

Did you know that you can generate great rental income from unusual short-term rentals like tiny homes, yurts, teepees, and Airstreams?

In this episode, Clint Coons, Esq. welcomes Rob Abasolo, creator of the Robuilt YouTube channel, and professional short-term rental coach at Host Camp Coaching. Clint and Rob discuss the process of identifying great locations, building or placing rentals such as teepees and yurts, tiny homes and airstreams on your property (or rented property) near popular cities and tourist attractions to build wealth.


  • How Rob left Kansas for LA
  • Renting on Airbnb to cover the mortgage
  • Building tiny houses and the challenges involved
  • Getting started – rules and regs, financing
  • Calculating your Airbnb potential revenue
  • Get into the rental business with a house hack
  • Tiny homes, small homes, regular homes
  • Get coaching from Rob at HostCamp
  • Yurts, glamping, teepees, and airstream rentals
  • Checking your municipalities for rules and regs on unusual rentals


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Full Episode Transcript:

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