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Gain 10X More Real Estate Leads With TV Commercials

Have you thought about creating a TV commercial for your real estate business? TV commercials help you build an automated marketing channel, target the demographic you want, and they’re not as expensive as you might think!

In this episode, Clint Coons, Esq., of Anderson Business Advisors, welcomes Tony Javier, founder of the Real Estate Masters (REM) 10X TV Program. Clint and Tony discuss the value of advertising on TV where you can reach 10X more people, faster and cheaper with less effort than many other forms of marketing. Tony can help you appear in your own TV ad within 30 days, and he’s proven that people who see you on TV may not want to work with a realtor, and will begin knowing, liking, and trusting you to buy their home.


  • Tony’s entre’ into TV and real estate started with late-night infomercials
  • First TV spot earned 10X Tony’s investment
  • Go to and get on tv within 30 days
  • Tony explains who can benefit from a TV spot
  • The cost of advertising with TV and your target demographic
  • Should you appear in your own TV commercial?
  • How many people you can hit with each $5 of ad spend
  • Reaching a lower-income audience with TV
  • Advertising on TV is easily scalable
  • Doing commercials is only for those who know what to do with leads
  • Limiting ads in each market
  • Check out to start planning your TV spot


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Full Episode Transcript:

Clint: What’s up, guys? Hey, it’s Clint Coons here. In this segment, I’m going outside. I’m thinking about different ways of building your real estate business. We’re going to talk to an expert on how to use television.

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