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Toby Mathis
The Truth About The Current REAL ESTATE Market And What's Working

In this episode of Anderson Business Advisors, Toby Mathis speaks with Aaron Adams, CEO of Alpine Capital Solutions. Aaron has been a full-time real estate investor since leaving his job teaching high school Spanish in the early 2000s. He has purchased thousands of properties in California, Indiana, Missouri, Texas, Florida, Idaho, Nevada, North Carolina, and Illinois. His focus is on single-family homes in blue collar and middle-class neighborhoods.

In this episode, you’ll hear why this environment is NOT like the crash of 2008, and in fact, even though this country is short 4 million homes, there are fantastic short-term rental and other opportunities for anyone interested in getting into real estate investment. From mobile homes to accessory dwelling units (ADUs), this country is in desperate need of affordable housing, and Aaron believes that the Airbnb/short-term rental space is where it’s at for investors right now.


  • From high school Spanish teacher to flipping homes in Riverside County CA
  • Cap rate explained- net income on a property after all expenses
  • Inventory is about 4 million short on homes right now – the environment is terrible for new builders
  • The “Silver Tsunami” – will those 55 and older be selling? Millenials and younger don’t want the boomer-style McMansion homes- they want metro area, tiny home styles
  • ADUs, short-term rentals, and the homelessness crisis
  • The Fed, interest rates, and “core inflation”
  • This is NOT the same situation as the crash of 2008
  • Get educated about real estate investing with Alpine and Infinity


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Full Episode Transcript:

Toby: Hey, guys. This is Toby Mathis. You’re listening to the Anderson podcast. I’ve got a really good guest today, somebody I work with quite a lot, actually. Aaron Adams. I just want to say first off, hey, Aaron. Welcome.

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