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Toby Mathis
Recession Planning Part 3/3 - Commercial Real Estate Is Melting FAST (How To Protect Yourself)

Welcome to Part III of our recession planning series. Toby Mathis, Esq. and Stefan Whitwell, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Whitwell & Co., LLC, are back to discuss the facts, statistics, and future trends they see happening in the crumbling commercial real estate market. There are great investment deals out there, but you need to look at facts and numbers. Don’t fall for the bargain investment “story.” Enlist the assistance of a pro to make sure you don’t get in over your head.


  • Commercial real estate – current stats and trends
  • Interest rates are doubling
  • Commercial building has slowed or stopped- increasing demand, but over 10 years
  • Is the residential market next?
  • REIT and risks
  • Looking at numbers, not the story: history, past cycles and performance
  • Invest with an advisor’s assistance, and don’t get greedy!


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Full Episode Transcript:

Toby: Hey, guys. Toby Mathis here, and I’m joined again by Stefan Whitwell, CFA, fiduciary, and a financial expert. I’m going to use a quote that you sent over to me. It was Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk. Everybody knows who Elon is. He says, “Commercial real estate is melting down fast. Home value is next.”

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