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Low-Cost ETFs with William Rhind

What are ETFs and why have they become so popular as a way to invest in your favorite companies? These days, ETFs represent a multi-trillion-dollar industry.

In this episode, Toby Mathis of Anderson Advisors talks to William Rhind, founder of GraniteShares, an independent exchange-traded fund built for investors seeking simple, cost-effective access to differentiated investments. It is backed by leading fintech venture capitalists, such as Bain Capital Ventures and Clocktower Technologies.  

William has built and managed businesses in the ETF market for almost his entire career and previously served as CEO of World Gold Trust Services, which is the largest commodity fund in the world.


  • Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF): Fund listed like a share on the stock exchange that becomes new technology in the asset management space.
  • Right Place, Right Time: People are embracing ETFs as a significantly low-cost alternative to mutual funds. 
  • Active or Passive Management: Mutual funds are active, ETFs tend to be passive.
  • ETF Advantages: Low cost, and buy and sell whenever you want.
  • Challenges for Investors: What is in the portfolio? What do you own? It’s a secret. 
  • Follow Index: The set of rules govern how the ETF has to be managed, how many shares must be included, what types of shares they are, and how often they rebalance.
  • Management Fee: Small percentage of a fund’s assets that’s calculated on a manual basis and typically run from 0.17 to 0.7 percent.
  • Some people still invest in mutual funds because the majority of mutual fund assets are held in 401(k) retirement accounts.
  • GraniteShares: Focuses efforts on real assets, income, and large-cap equity investing. 
  • Wall of Worry: COVID crisis and economic collapse encourages as much investing and liquidity as possible.  
  • Moral Hazard: In the past, people that caused the banking crisis benefited from it. Now, people aren’t blaming banks or companies but specific people and countries.



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Toby: Hey, guys. This is Toby Mathis with The Anderson Business Advisors Podcast. I am lucky today to have Willian Rhind on. Welcome, William.

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