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Toby Mathis
Is Airbnb Dead? The Numbers Nobody is Discussing

In this episode of Anderson Business Advisors, Toby Mathis, Esq., welcomes Jamie Lane, the Chief Economist and SVP of Research at data aggregator AirDNA. Jamie’s research leadership has helped the whole STR (short-term rental) industry understand the drivers of success. He is a leading voice of authority on the health and outlook for the STR industry: on top of hosting AirDNA’s own podcast, STR Data Lab, he is a regular contributor to international media outlets such as Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Bloomberg, providing exclusive analysis and forecasts of the industry to global audiences. Jamie delves into the cold hard numbers, percentages, and facts from this market, which are actually very encouraging. Tune in to hear how STRs remain a strong space for investors and where you can look to find the best markets for your rental.


  • Short-term rentals are seeing record numbers but normalizing
  • Stats in the short-term rental space
  • Market and season-specific occupancy
  • Rentals in the top 25 Metro Statistical Areas (MSAs) vs. high demand secondary destinations
  • Revenues per unit
  • Second home statistics and short-term rentals
  • How rentals are being used – not just for tourists
  • Laws and restrictions on STRs in some metro areas
  • Looking forward into 2024 – many new areas for STR investment


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Full Episode Transcript:

Toby: Hey, guys. Toby Mathis here. Today, we have Jamie Lane, the Chief Economist of AirDNA. We’re going to get into that discussion of, is Airbnb dead? Is this an area that you should no longer be investing in because it’s a really bad idea, because it’s shrinking, and the states are destroying it, cities are banning them, and there’s no growth ever again because Airbnbs are horrible? Or is it something other than that? I want to dive right in. Jamie, first off, welcome.

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