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Toby Mathis
Investment Opportunities in the Companies of Tomorrow

What’s the next big thing to invest in? Have you been paying attention to skyrocketing shares in companies, such as SpaceX, Spotify, Lyft, or Rivian?

In this episode, Toby Mathis of Anderson Advisors talks to Drew Spaventa, who runs a venture capital firm that specializes in private investments.

Accredited investors work with The Spaventa Group to access late-stage private companies that people want a piece of before going public.


  • Pain Point: Once a primary investor comes in, what about other retail investors?
  • Private vs. Public: Gain access to the secondary market within the private industry with insiders
  • Placements: Pick private companies w/available shares, valuation, revenue, recognition
  • Risk and Reward: Make sure to have extra money in the bank because you could lose it all
  • Next Big Things: Food alternatives, financial tech, space, mixed reality, electric vehicles
  • Cash Flow vs. Carrot Fee: Short- or long-term investments and option to buy/sell shares


The Spaventa Group

Drew Spaventa on Twitter: @DrewSpavy

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Drew Spaventa’s Phone: 631.210.7263



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Full Episode Transcript:

Toby: Hey guys, this is Toby Mathis with the Anderson Business Advisors podcast. Today, I have Drew Spaventa on the line. I’ll just give you guys a quick background. First off, welcome, Drew.

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