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Toby Mathis
How To Protect Your Money From The Bank Crisis

How can you protect yourself from bank failures and uncertain foreclosures? There is a lot of confusion around the current crisis, resulting in misinformation leaking to the masses and inciting panic among those who rely on said banks.

In this episode, Toby Mathis, Esq., of Anderson Business Advisors, is joined by Stefan Whitwell, CFA®, CIPM®, founder and Chief Investment Officer of Whitwell & Co., LLC. Stefan leads this wealth management firm and its investment practices. He is a sought-after advisor who works closely with clients at the intersection of health, wealth, and purpose. Stefan has particular expertise in tax planning and alternative investing.

Toby and Stefan will be going over the facts about the most recent round of bank failures and uncertainty. They’ll explain what questions to ask your bank or custodial firm, how multiple layers of insurance protect your accounts, and other information you need to know to make informed decisions on what to do with your money.


  • Stefan intro
  • What happened at Silicon Valley Bank
  • What should you do? Separate into two buckets – a bank and a custodian
  • Insured custodian accounts
  • How banks vs. custodians handle your money
  • Money market accounts – low vs high risk
  • FDIC, SIPC, and private insurance coverages
  • What banks have said about customer’s money- “Don’t worry”
  • Unadvertised negotiations to segregate your accounts are available on large bank balances
  • Do your homework, or ask your advisor to do the homework on your investments


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Full Episode Transcript:

Toby: Hey, guys. Toby Mathis here. I have Stefan Whitwell. This is going to be a fun one today because we’re going to dive right into not only what occurred in the banking crisis, but what you can do to protect yourself, because there’s so much bad information out there. First off, welcome, Stefan.

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