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The Best Ways to Finance Real Estate Deals (And What to Avoid)

What are funding options for different types of real estate investing? How do you finance deals, and what does it take to put these things together?

Today, Clint Coons of Anderson Business Advisors talks to Kurt Nederveld, CEO and founder of Rainstar Capital Group (RCG). Kurt is an expert when it comes to funding and helps clients gain access to funds that they didn’t think they would have access to ordinarily.

RCG has more than 250 lenders on its debt advisory platform that fund against invoices, accounts receivables, commercial real estate, corporate finance, small business,

equipment and rental real estate.


  • What is RCG’s lending platform? It functions on the four Cs: Cash, credit, collateral, and character via a blueprint of the entire process of accessing all product lines and placing a very high focus on education to grow and create generational wealth.
  • What does RCG teach clients? Understand their equity story. If RCG can bring in a higher leverage product, it saves clients/investors the equity.
  • What is RCG’s process for doing deals with clients/investors that have little to no cash? Based on cash, credit, and collateral, identify which product lines that they can qualify for from the highest leverage perspective, when you break down the capital stack.
  • Can RCG do a blanket loan, cross-collateralize assets to take some cash out to roll into a client’s next deal? The ability to grow is limited by your equity. RCG analyzes which properties have the most equity and whether to do individual cash out or refinance.
  • What if somebody wants to do traditional house hacking or they’re going to be renting out rooms, how would that work with the lenders? Currently, the VRBO and Airbnb strategy is the greatest disruptor in the marketplace. Know your local market and drivers.
  • What about flipping? Does RCG have products/strategies for those who want to flip properties? There’s either build-to-sell or build-to-rehab-and-rent models. From a mission perspective, families need homes.
  • What is Kurt doing right now in the market? Where does he find most of the money? What type of deals is it chasing? Multifamily and single-family rentals are hot. People always need a place to live. The biggest battle is a lack of inventory.


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Clint: Hey, guys. It’s Clint Coons and in this episode what I wanted to do is talk about funding options for different types of real estate investing. A lot of you that watch my channel, you’re coming here because you have single-family homes, you’re into short-term rentals, you’re into flipping properties, and some of you are into new construction and land development. 

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