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How To Deduct Over $100,000+ Per Year In A Retirement Plan

In this episode of Anderson Business Advisors, Toby Mathis speaks with Jeff Mason and Chris Hammond about cash balance pension plans for business owners.  This is not a 401(k), it’s not an IRA, it’s a way to defer and even reduce a portion of the taxes you might need to pay and set yourself up with an annual income when you retire – if you are a business owner.

This is for all business entities. True pass-throughs, S Corps, sole proprietorships, and partnerships work best in this savings scenario.  Many people that have even heard of defined benefit plans, or cash balance plans, might think you can’t start contributing until later in life, and that used to be true, but now people like Chris and Jeff are designing plans for people in their 30s.

Jeff and Chris will go over what the benefits, timelines, and rules are regarding these plans, give you some sample scenarios with actual clients they have helped, and also answer some specific questions that Toby has about their validity, value and future potential for participants.


  • The basics – How business owners can set up an income for themselves at retirement, the requirements to contribute, how much you can put in, how much you can take out and the tax implications
  • Some examples of Jeff’s clients and the actual numbers they are working with
  • Deadlines and potential increases in contribution limits from the IRS
  • Are Jeff and Chris going to try to “sell you” stuff if you go to them for help? No- the retirement community is very small, everyone would know if you were operating in an unethical way. We want more referrals, not less, so everything is highly ethical and we don’t take advantage of people
  • Get in touch with Jeff and Chris – there’s no cost for your initial consultation and even developing a sample plan – they just want to see if their services can help you!


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Full Episode Transcript:

Toby: Hey, guys. This is Toby Mathis with the Anderson Business Advisors podcast. Today, we’re going to be talking about putting in over $100,000 a year into a retirement plan. If you didn’t know you could, you’ll learn about the specifics today. I’m going to be joined by Jeff Mason. First off, welcome, Jeff.

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