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Toby Mathis
4 Legal Landmines: How Landlords Can Avoid Costly Lawsuits

Did you know you could be sued if your tenant’s dog bites someone? In this episode, Toby Mathis, Esq. welcomes Shawn Woedl, President and CEO of the National Real Estate Insurance Group. Shawn is an industry-recognized speaker and educator with an emphasis on Commercial Property and Premises Liability, and shares the top four lawsuits his company sees every day. From slip and falls to discrimination and dog bites, tune in to find out how to protect yourself from these common scenarios.


  • Top lawsuits as seen at National Real Estate Insurance Group
  • Lawsuit sizes – how much is being paid out?
  • The cost of carrying insurance and deductibles
  • Submitting claims and potential policy increases
  • Umbrella and excess coverage
  • Tenant discrimination
  • Dog bites and “vicious breed” exclusions
  • Renovations and contractors
  • Mold


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Full Episode Transcript:

Toby: Hey, guys, Toby Mathis here. Today, I have Sean Waddell, the CEO of a group that I actually use, the National Real Estate Insurance Group. They work with insurance products for landlords, investors like myself, and probably like you. First off, welcome, Shawn.

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