It’s been around since we lived in mud huts, and rotated the night shift keeping watch for tigers… 

… Real estate is still the millionaires’ dirty little secret to making life changing money. And like you, I wanted in. 

But there is a barrier to entry, and that barrier is best represented by an online digital mastermind. 

Ever been to one of those?– there’s gazillions of them. 

Ambition– These days, appears to be rewarded with attracting the sleazy (do-anything-to-succeed) types, and they attract us (the newbies). 

Who would have thought networking would lead to all these indoctrination seminars where you cover nothing but mindset for the first 3 hours, followed by a fast close to convince you buying some $5k course is in fact, the only thing obstructing your success. 

I just wanted to make money in real estate, without doing all the shady “techniques.” 

Having filtered through all the millions of crap ways to make money, I finally came across something legit. 

Shared Housing.

It’s in the all too popular real estate niche, but with a different take– Helping people. 

Right now, there are a lot of people in need of housing and unable to afford it. 

Currently, most of the shared housing services are offered by nonprofits, but given the huge demand… they just aren’t able to keep up.   

The federal government spends billions of dollars on housing for people in need, but only a select few nonprofits are able to use the capital to help solve this problem.  

So, to support this market gap, investors who want to help are getting in on the action and seeing incredible returns as a result. 

So, what exactly is Shared Housing?

It’s your traditional single family home, only converted specifically for shared housing use – to serve multiple individuals facing housing insecurity.

Typically, a house that produces $2,000/month can earn upwards of $6,000/month under a shared housing model. 

With Shared Housing, you could see returns as high as 3X rental profits for a converted single-family home. 

If you’re looking for a meaningful investment opportunity, then Shared Housing is something you should consider. 

Frank and Sherri Candelario, PhDs, are absolutely dominating in this space. They’ve dedicated themselves to giving back to individuals and solving for this market need, and as a result have seen wild success in their real estate investing. 

They’ve discovered and perfected a proven formula to help get anyone interested started in making great returns with very little capital. 

If you want to dodge all the motivation gurus, make money in real estate, and do so while filling a very real need– check out their next exclusive events.

Here’s what you will discover:

  • Why the Shared-Housing model is so good for real estate investors in 2022 and beyond
  • How to acquire desirable homes in appreciating neighborhoods with curb appeal AND have it paid for by others
  • PLUS, so much more!

One thing to consider when you’re investing in real estate is to make sure it’s the right kind of investment for you.  

There’s millions of ways to millions of dollars, but to stay the course– it’s got to be aligned with your values.