Updated September 17, 2021

In this episode of Coffee with Carl, Attorney Carl Zoellner talks about adding additional funds to a joint venture real estate deal.

Savvy real estate investors who want to expand and generate more wealth are always on the lookout for opportunities that provide growth and profitability. Sometimes this can be found through joint ventures with other investors.

Basically, a joint venture is where two investors agree to pool their finances, expertise, and connections to turn a profit, for example, by flipping a home together. They’re typically formed for a short period of time to accomplish this. The two parties enter into a contract to contribute funds, assets, or other resources and then you both agree on how the management, control, profits, and losses will be divvied between the parties.

Watch now as Carl covers the best way to add additional capital funds into a joint venture project that’s running out of time and money. He’ll talk you through how to lower your risk and get all of your money back out once the deal is done.

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