Updated September 26, 2021

Clint Coons, Anderson Business Advisors founding partner, Attorney, author & real estate asset protection expert, was recently a featured guest on Think Realty Radio podcast hosted by Abhi Golhar.

Discover the steps you should take as a real estate investor to properly protect yourself from lawsuits and litigation ‘before’ you are sued. Doing so after the fact may be considered as fraudulent conveyance.

Clint discusses LLCs and and how to structure these entities properly for each of your properties. How many LLCs or corporations do you think Clint recommends having?

Listen as Clint Coons reveals details on correct asset protection that will virtually guarantee, in the event that you are slapped with a lawsuit, that you’ve taken the right procedures to ensure you and your real estate investments are fully protected.

WARNING: If you’re a first-time investor, make sure that you’ve ironed out all the kinks, and details, in your business before it’s too late!

Not only is it a great idea to have asset protection, and some sort of LLC or corporation set up for your business, but serious real estate investors will also have a sound tax planning strategy in place.

During this podcast you’ll discover the best ways to optimize your tax returns along with many great tax benefits real estate investors should be taking advantage of.

Safeguard your family, business and investments with the most trusted name in tax and asset protection.

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