Updated September 22, 2021

Wondering about the options available to your investing or small business from the CARES Act? We’ve put together a quick reference guide that breaks it all down.

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is affecting every area of life as we know it. To help alleviate the tremendous impact of social distancing on small businesses, Congress passed the CARES act last week. The Act included different provisions to offset the economic impact of this pandemic for individuals and businesses.

To make life just a little bit easier for investors and small business owners, we’ve put together a Coronavirus Money Matrix breaking down the available options for accessing the Act’s loans and grants in easy-to-understand language. Download the Coronavirus Money Matrix now to reference at your convenience.


The CARES Act contains over 800 pages of legislation, so of course, there are a lot of questions and confusion surrounding the Act’s provisions. We recently hosted a webinar to answer YOUR most pressing questions about the Act and how to unlock FREE money from the stimulus bill. Over six thousand people attended! We also have videos on our YouTube channel that go into what’s available in the Cares Act.